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Day: March 31, 2017

Flowdan Track ‘Dons and Divas’ ft. Manga Features in Season 2 of Underground Ep 4

Underground is the new series created by Misha Green (Sons of Anarchy) and Joe Pokaski (Daredevil) and debuted in America March 9, 2016. After a successful first season, the series is currently airing its second season. Kicking off by following a group of slaves led by a courageous blacksmith named Noah (Aldis Hodge), escaping their plantation in 1850s Georgia. The fight for their lives, their futures and their freedom leads to Noah’s risk-filled plan to travel hundreds of miles away via the Underground Railroad. Co-executive produced by John Legend, who also oversees the series’ score, soundtrack and musical elements, Underground...

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Sona – Story

A little late on this one but had to post it, check out singer Sona’s newest single Story. The British-Nigerian artist released his first single way back in 2013 and has more recently found popularity after releasing a song with artist Sneakbo called Hurt Nobody which has seen him gain over 1 million views on youtube and radio play. The single is catchy and is a testament as to the great music this artist has to offer. Story by...

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90% #OUTOF100 AKS EP – Train of Thought

Following his much regarded debut EP, Modes of Transport: The Bus Stop British Hip Hop artist AKS finally returns with his highly anticipated sophomore release, the second project in his three-part, Modes of Transport series – entitled, Train of Thought. Having recently featured on the J the Exodus EP, Heart’s Desire, it only served to whet the appetite in anticipation for his new material and, Train of Thought fails to disappoint. It boasts production from long-time collaborator DemDrums, newcomer Kefas and AKS himself who effortlessly delivers intoxicating poetry woven together like a visual tapestry, infused with soulful, jazz tinged production throughout. Setting the tone instantly on the opening track, Train...

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Segge Dan Pens a Song For Real Life Djangoes Who Resisted, Rebelled & Revolted Against Slavery

While watching Django Unchained, I embarked on a journey to capture these glorious and often untold stories of heroes and freedom fighters in a song called, Django Untold.  This celebratory song highlights their tremendous legacy and significance as their actions played a major part for the movement of emancipation. The song is my gift to honour their lives and preserve their legacy. Remember when Django Unchained came out? All that furore surrounding Tarantino from the overuse of the n-word in the film to whether or not a spaghetti western was the right vehicle to talk about the horrors of slavery! I...

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