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Month: August 2017

#TBB10 Gets to the ‘Dead Truth’ with Filmmaker Josh Burton

Josh Burton is the man behind, ‘the world’s first entirely one man made cinematically released film.’

Burton’s one-man-made independent feature length film The Dead Truth, which he wrote, produced, filmed, directed, edited, and acted in, by himself, will bring you a literal roomful of continuous drama, as well as a light touch of humour, all through a spiral of deceit and compelling storytelling.

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Iconic London Restaurant ‘The Ivy’ Still In Safe Hands With Exec Chef Gary Lee In Its Centenary Year!

Gary Lee is the executive chef at one of London’s most iconic and sought-after restaurants – The Ivy, on the Covent Garden/Cambridge Circus border. The Chingford native was busy being mediocre in art at school, when some friends suggested he join them in home economics. He finished top of the class and never looked back.

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