7-14 year old’s Enter the 2018 BAFTA Young Presenter Competition

The BAFTA Kids Young Presenter Competition is back and ready to offer someone just like you the chance to win a once-in-a lifetime prize!

Are you friendly and engaging, with a passion for presenting?

BAFTA is looking for someone to present BAFTA Kids content and film at a number of locations throughout the year.  You’ll be working with the BAFTA production crew at the BAFTA Children’s Awards in November and you’ll actually get to present an award at the Ceremony.  You’ll also report from the set of a children’s television programme and you will host preview coverage from an event at BAFTA HQ in London.

What you need to do…

To enter, you have to create a HOW TO…video (2 minutes maximum).  You can interview someone about their hobby or a secret talent or you can demonstrate something yourself.  It can be anything and everything!
How to…make slime…do a card trick…draw a BAFTA mask…make your friends laugh…decorate a cake…

In your video, please:

  • Introduce yourself and your guest, if you have one.
  • Say what your How to video is about.
  • Make it interesting for your audience by describing what you are doing.

Use the line “reporting for BAFTA Kids” either at the start or end of your film eg “Hello, I’m Ben and I’m here for BAFTA Kids to show you how to…”

Top Tips for your video:

  • Read the Advice first.
  • Communicate clearly so you can be understood.
  • Be enthusiastic – we want to see how great you can be!
  • Be yourself!
  • Engage with your audience.  You’ll be filming for BAFTA Kids so use language and content that is relevant to 7-14 year olds.
  • Vary your tone to be interesting, funny, serious at the right moment.
  • Being different is great.  Make sure we see your personality coming through.

When you’re happy with your video, upload it using the submit form below.

Entries will be whittled down to a shortlist, and the shortlist will be judged by an exciting celebrity jury before a final casting session. Good luck!

The Prize

The winner will host behind the scenes coverage at the British Academy Children’s Awards and work with the BAFTA Production team on other filming opportunities across the year.

Everything sorted and ready to go? Submit your entry HERE


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