75% #OutOf100 BFI 2017 London Film Festival Review ‘Bad lucky goat’

Filmed against the stunningly picturesque backdrop of Old Providence – the Caribbean island, Bad Lucky Goat is a dark comedy by Director-Screenwriter Samir Oliveros that explores the strained relationship between two siblings. 

Corn played by Honlenny Huffington is the more spiritual of the two and passionate about playing his beloved harmonica, while his sister Rita played by Kiara Howard is swayed more by materialism and the typical things early teenage girls get up to.

The movie starts with both protagonists sent out by their father to run errands for him. But things quickly turn for the worst when an unforeseen mishap occurs whilst driving their dad’s truck.  It suddenly becomes a race against time for them to “work together” to hide any wrongdoings and avoid punishment. However it becomes obvious that this will be no easy feat as aside from them being at odds with each other, there also appears to be something sinister at play spiralling them down a perilous path with no clear destination.

The script written in Creole patios adds a welcomed authenticity to the roles whilst the folk music incorporated throughout,  exotically enhances the cultural theme. The welcome mix of reggae, calypso, soca and mento greatly capture the many musical vibes the island enjoys.

In addition to the upbeat traditional pieces, the score also incorporates a darker tone at more sullen points emphasising ominous periods in the movie that create an unsettling atmosphere. This snowballs as Corn and Rita fall deeper in despair highlighting the siblings’ obvious anxieties.

From here the movie takes a more mystical turn as they have to soul search mending any broken bonds between them along the way.

Whats impressive about Bad Lucky Goat is how compelling it manages to be even though the story is relatively simple. Just witnessing their haphazard journey through the unspoilt environment of Old Providence is very watchable and the stunning backdrops make you wish you were transported there to bask in its tranquility.

Bad Lucky Goat screened at this year’s BFI London Film Festival.

Find out more about the film here.


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