80% #OUTOF100 – Eneeks EP – My Queen, My King, My God

My Queen, My King, My God is a classy EP debut release on Tokyo Dawn Records from UK artist Eneeks who collaborates with Personal Life producer Robert Strauss to orchestrate the production.

It’s a clean, laid back EP that sets the tone from the uplifting first track ‘Get up’, a conglomerate of jazz, funk and vocoder sounds, expertly executed to great effect.

Eneeks compliments this showcase of sound by going deeper with his poetry and subject matter which serves as the EPs theme from start to finish. He manages to embark the listener on a soulful odyssey through his eyes, taking you on an introspective journey of his personal life, with every one of the 7 songs consistently following suite.

In addition, singer Natalie Oliveri effortlessly provides soothing vocals and harmonies which help encapsulate the soul vibe experience and adds a Mantric, element to each piece.

Refreshingly, this is a cohesive body of music which you quickly discover has been well thought out, in contrast to the usual mainstream albums riding the wave off the back of a few hot singles. It’s this thoughtfulness that sets My Queen, My King, My God firmly towards a more mature audience, looking for a little more substance in their music. For instance ‘My God’ takes a more melancholic route, with Eneeks conversing with God to help him get over loss, and everyday struggles. It’s a thought provoking track which shows a more vulnerable side and many people will be able to relate to his prayers and spiritual resolve.

On ‘Going in’ he muses, “the younger version of me just wants to blow up, the older version of me just wants to doe up, the god version of me just wants my soul up, people can I hold up”. It’s just one of the many lines of food for thought, which grace the EP throughout.

Eneek’s ability to balance descriptive and conscious wordplay with the mellow soul inspired tracks, make it a perfect combination.

Listen & purchase Eneeks’ music via eneeks.com

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