85% #OutOf100: ITV2’s Comedy Spy Thriller, Action Team starring Kayode Ewumi is a hit!

Action Team is the new comedy spy thriller from ITV2

Action Team is a spoof spy action-thriller, following the missions and exploits of a top-secret team of special agents working for the British government, and charged with saving the world…. with a work experience youth in tow!

Commissioned from Shiny Button productions last May (2017), the show plays out in 6 half-hour episodes, beginning tonight at 10pm. Written by James De Frond, who directs, and Tom Davis, who also stars, this scripted comedy is the latest from the creative talent behind BBC3 award-winning series Murder In Successville (2015 -).

Alongside writer-star Davis as action man Logan Mann/inept Russian villain Vladimir Schevchenko (Plebs, The Keith Lemon Show, Murder In Successville), we have the comedy goldmine that is Jim Howick as crack sniper Graham Hooper (Horrible Histories, Yonderland, Broadchurch), the revelation that is Laura Checkley as martial arts and bomb expert Monica Lang, (Detectorists, Cradle to Grave, Bridget Jones’s Baby), the ever-excellent Vicky McClure as Head of Operations Ruth Brooks (Line of Duty, Beverley, This Is England) and the brilliant Derek Ridell as trusty assistant Anne (Hard Sun, Undercover, Happy Valley). The multi-talented Kayode Ewumi as the work experience attachment Huxley (Are You Being Served, #HoodDocumentary) brings the wide-eyed global consciousness characteristic of innocent millenials. He easily holds his own amidst a stand-out, strong cast.

Action Team definitely delivers on the promise made by ITV’s Comedy Commissioner Saskia Schuster, who described it as a high octane, big scale comedy featuring a dysfunctional group of spies, put through fast-paced, high concept storylines, and crammed with very silly jokes. “Think The Naked Gun meets The Bourne Identity,” she said. Beyond this, the fully committed cast are made to look even better with genuinely impressive special effects – even more so, since shooting time and budget were of shoestring proportions!

ITV2 is aiming to rival the now online BBC3 by slating original comedy entertainment for younger audiences.  They’re making a good start utilising the single camera technique to great effect to, in our opinion, remind us of a very silly version of The Professionals (1977-83).

Action Team begins tonight Monday 5th March, 10pm ITV2

Read our interview with Kayode Ewumi, who plays Huxley in the series here.


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