85% #OutOf100 Rainy Milo’s EP – I Knew I Had A Heart (Because I Felt It Breaking)

Rainy Milo released her debut mixtape, Limey back in 2012 certifying herself as an accomplished Jazz/R&B singer, she then released her first EP in 2013 entitled, Black and Blonde which was well received. Rainy followed up with the release of her debut album, This Thing Of Ours. The singer who is signed to Virgin EMI records has now blessed us with her latest anticipated EP I Know I Had A Heart (Because I Felt It Breaking) a thought provoking title with equally thought provoking music.

Not shying away from her London accent, the singer defines her jazz influence mixed with her sultry tone which has been her signature style since her early career. Honey Don’t You Know is a melancholic and dreamy introduction to the effortless skills, from track to track full of soothing vocals. It’s a well thought out body of work reminding the listener exactly why Rainy Milo has had such momentum and critical acclaim with her previous work.

Missing the rain is a refreshing soul song and for me embodies exactly what she wished to accomplish with this EP a look into her heart and her feelings about that significant other. Know This is a more up-tempo song and features American singer/rapper Baegod proclaims her music Bedroom trap and future R&B which as obviously influenced the direction of the track. Produced by SBVCE who works extensively with Baegod the trap/ future funk influence adds another dimension to the EP but does not venture too far away from the vibe of the rest of the music.

The final track, and my favourite, You And I is a beautiful piece of poetry reminiscent of music in the late 90’s early 00’s. Produced by Trackademicks the song is an expression of love making the comparison between You and I and those things in life that make us feel good like ‘a ruby that catches a girls eye’ or ‘a summer breeze running through my curtains’. The song is a cushion for the mind’s eye allowing you to visualise the true beauty of love between two people.

All in all I Know I Had A Heart (Because I Felt It Breaking) is a nice calm EP, something to listen to on those long summer evenings that are on their way. This EP is a taster of what we can expect from her sophomore album which is out later this year and it tastes sweet.

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