85% #OUTOF100 – Review of Tequila Works’ Game ‘RiME’

Ever since its very first reveal in 2013 RiME was always a title that sat firmly in the ‘long awaited’ category due to its appeal. So after being one of the highlights at this years EGX Rezzed it is exciting to see that Tequila Works RiME has finally arrived.

First things first, those expecting combat in game may want to know straight off the bat that this is strictly an exploratory adventure that leans heavily on the game experience (think more Journey than Zelda for instance). RiME takes the player on a mystical exploration of discovery, where puzzle solving within a ruin filled ancient landscape is the modus operandi.

It begins with you playing the role of an 8 year old boy who, after being shipwrecked and waking up on the shores of a mysterious island, navigates through scenic terrain and cryptic neolithic environments. You by no means do this alone, assisted by an enthusiastic uncanny fox you’re encouraged to uncover secrets about your past, helping to drive your quest by guiding you through the surreal open-world.

The visual design utilises a cel shaded style to great effect, and really helps in contrasting the radiant day and night time scenes (You literally see the stars glowing intermittently if you look up at night which is a nice touch).

When it comes to the controls they are straightforward and simple, you basically have to jump, climb, swim and dive through an exotic habitat unravelling a much deeper arcane back story as you progress. Predominantly using your voice as a sort of sacred key, you manipulate the environment to unlock hidden artefacts.

RiME also exhibits cool features such as time manipulation to control light and shadow projection. In addition you can create doorways into other areas by changing your perspective through relics.

All of this is enveloped by an epic sweeping score composed by David García Díaz adding intrigue to your character’s personal journey and overall atmosphere, which is something to behold.

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