90% #OUTOF100 AKS EP – Train of Thought

Following his much regarded debut EP, Modes of Transport: The Bus Stop British Hip Hop artist AKS finally returns with his highly anticipated sophomore release, the second project in his three-part, Modes of Transport series – entitled, Train of Thought.

Having recently featured on the J the Exodus EP, Heart’s Desire, it only served to whet the appetite in anticipation for his new material and, Train of Thought fails to disappoint. It boasts production from long-time collaborator DemDrums, newcomer Kefas and AKS himself who effortlessly delivers intoxicating poetry woven together like a visual tapestry, infused with soulful, jazz tinged production throughout.

Setting the tone instantly on the opening track, Train of Thought, you easily relate to his struggle with honest lines like:

“Up until the last days of the apocalypse, if opportunity knocks I think you’ll find I’m an occupant, behind bars me and my accomplices trying to make a profit spraying ink like an octopus”

Other independent Artists would no doubt be able to relate. And it’s refreshing how AKS manages to check some artists’ true intentions in a more analytical way.

On, Still (Then Again) featuring Tawiah – AKS thought provokingly observes:

“see the pain when I open my mouth, explains why people sell out”

Impressively he manages to communicate these conscious themes consistently, reflecting on the current state of the musical landscape through his own personal journey. His relentless dedication to his craft and perseverance is felt especially on Freedom of Being Free when he bluntly says:

“look if they don’t feel this then I ain’t even bothered, this is me man I’d rather not us deceive each other, a couple years deep and still an up and comer I’m married to the game I’ve never done a runner.”

On, Stay with Me however he shows a more affectionate side to his lyrical repertoire. It’s a soul – stirring track featuring Sincerely Wilson, beautifully orchestrated with piano chords setting the mood perfectly, and is a worthy lead single off the EP.

On the conceptual, Who Cares he cleverly breaks down broken down relations from different perspectives, showing that he has even more dimensions to his astute songwriting abilities.

All in all Train of Thought is a high-class EP from start to finish with every track complimenting the last. Even with it being five years since the last release, AKS says it best at the beginning of, Stay with Me“back like I’ve never left.”

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