90% #OutOf100 – Season 2, Episode 1 of the Brilliant Insecure *Not entirely Spoiler free…*

After watching the first episode of season 2 of Insecure my black girl light shined a lil brighter.

Issa, Molly, Lawrence, Tasha and all the homies are back and it looks like things are going to be as messy as season one. Quick overview – Issa (Issa Rae) and Molly (Yvonne Orji) are two best friends who are forced to deal with their life affecting flaws as they attempt to navigate different worlds and cope with an endless series of uncomfortable everyday experiences.

Those of you who watched the first season would have seen Issa painfully effing up her relationship with her overly cute man Lawrence (Jay Ellis) by sleeping with past love Daniel (Y’lan Noel). Then on the back of Lawrence getting revenge on Issa’s cheating by hooking up with round the way girl Tasha (Dominique Perry) the world was forced to take sides and claim either #TeamIssa #TeamLawrence #TeamTasha #TeamDaniel. Meanwhile over in #TeamMolly’s world, although she is a killer lawyer who is the ultimate representation of #careergoals she’s a total mess when it comes to relationships. Season 1 had us cringe-watch Molly self destroy potentially great partners because of her ‘I JUST WANT A MAN SO BAD’ insecurities.

Episode 1 of season two – ‘Hella Great’ takes us through a quick recap of what happened with our faves, then after the recap we see Issa in a slideshow of dates with a bunch of not the right men. Listening to show creator Issa Rae on The Read podcast, she says that it’s three months down the line and Issa is dealing with life after Lawrence, hence the dates. Issa has also left her previous school and has started working with her team at New School East 41st Street high school which means more ignorant kids and more time with her work Frieda who she’s finally accepted as a friend and ally against their ever so slightly racist colleagues Sarah & Kitty!

A little disjointed at first as it attempts to establish where everybody is, episode 1 kicks in about about a third of the way. Once we’re caught up with Issa, we see that Molly has decided to get therapy, BUT… she’s not really feeling it at this point. She’s also given a rude wakeup call about her work status. No show of any men in Molly’s life, but in a ‘we’re best friends‘ moment with Issa, Molly implies she’s so over men… mmm-hmmm don’t believe her. But okay. It’s episode 1.

Lawrence is still in black  man with a fantastic job mode, he’s got a new role, we don’t see where as yet but he’s looking oh so fresh and so clean so we know he’s getting good money. He’s still with Tasha but… but… BUTT! Is all I’ll say… BUTT! You guys are lucky because I do hate a spoiler. BUTT!!! Okay just a lil spoiler… After having not seen each other since the breakup, some important letters forces Lawrence to go to the flat to pick them up… and after picking up his letters… he leaves with an elaborate goodbye. Dazzall ahm sayin!

It’s so great to have our people back, and telling our lives as we know it, with such accuracy. So many shout outs already. The ever fantastic soundtrack. The fantabulous on point decor and witty wardrobe. The brilliant dialogue. Shout out Natasha Rothwell who plays the homette Kelli! Still funny and raw as ever. Her one liners are killer! Thug Yoda is back with his hate of the letter ‘c’ and his full dedication to the Blood cause. Such a damn good character.

In this season I’m hoping to see more of Issa’s family, we meet her brother this episode, who seems to have some sort of beef with Kelli. I’m secretly hoping they work it out horizontally. Can’t wait to see which man Molly trips and falls on top of. I also need to see what Daniel’s been up to, just to see how he’s doing… if he’s taking care of that body!!! Erm… wouldn’t it be interesting if Daniel and Molly hook up… I mean we need the friends to have another challenge, they can’t just be back to being best friends no drama… sheesh!

If I’m to have anything negative to say, it would be the heavy use of the n-word. I know it’s an American show. I know the relationship with African Americans and the word is so, so difficult to unpack. I also know that from the early 80s when I fell in love with hip hop, I’ve said the n-word with an ‘a’ probably a million+ times. But, that said, I’ve never used it as a term of affection. I haven’t bought into the reclaiming it thing. I am that black woman who will stand in a concert or a festival today and give any white person rapping without edit the black girl screw face, or… as has happened a few times at Wireless actually said ‘nope, no you can’t and if you continue you’re going to have to move or feel my wrath’... yeah I’m unapologetically that black woman.

I’m also aware I’m from the UK so our relationship with the n-word is different, we never did try to reclaim ‘wog’ or ‘nig nog’… but the n-word has seeped into our music genres, Grime at the forefront, which bothers my soul. So, that’s my only dislike about Insecure and other black shows which are pushing themselves deservedly into the mainstream. I know it’s a tired argument but no other race does this. Reclaiming it is a lie. It’s a horrible word and it doesn’t mean anything. We don’t need it. Intelligent black folk can come up with a new word. People are sheep. You just need to find the new word, repeat it all the time and it will pick up. That’s how it works my ninjas!

Oh the other issue I have is that whilst it’s so great to have Insecure back, it glaringly serves us in the UK a harsh reminder that in 2017 we have nothing… bittersweet!

Insecure season 2 comes to the UK on Sky Atlantic Thursday August 3rd at 10:35pm

Listen to Issa Rae on The Read here.



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