Afrikan Boy Talks … Common Ground Circus Mockumentary

Circus Mockumentary Common Ground comes from Upswing, a contemporary circus company based in London.

The circus/comedy short film (Commissioned by The Space Arts, centres the stories of performing artists from the Global Majority and is a sharp satire on the experience of auditioning for the (all too common) only Global Majority position on a new show.

Grime Artist Afrikan Boy collaborated on the music for the film, we spoke to him about the experience …

Please introduce yourself …

Hi my name is Olushola Ajose aka Afrikan Boy. I am an Artist and composer.

Why Common Ground?

I agreed to be a part of the project because it presented a new challenge and gave me the opportunity to explore new soundscapes. The idea of working with a circus cast was exciting and different.

Tell us about your character and what their goal is?

My character was the “music guy” I was basically playing myself. My role was to bring good vibes to the group and translate their individual and collective energy into music.

Tell us about working with your fellow cast …

Working with the team was really simple, we all found common ground and got the job done. I worked with Daniel Martin the filmmaker to ensure the music would flow with the visuals.

What does Common Ground mean to you personally as a creative?

Common Ground to me means finding new frontiers collectively.

Tell us about a challenging moment during this project that you had to dig deep to get through it?

The biggest challenge was adjusting a to change in deadline which meant we had a couple of weeks to really get it done. Creating under pressure can go either really good or really bad. I think I did OK.

Tell us a memorable moment on set …

Watching Eric lead the warm-up scene had me in stitches #FlickaFlacka.

Which scene best defines what you love about Common Ground?

I think Ayesha’s scene was beautiful in that it represented how we try to find our space in the collective as individuals.

What’s next?

Ancient Futures project, New music releases, and much more.

How do we keep up to date with you and your work?
Insta: @afrikan.boy
Twitter: @AfrikanBoy
Facebook: @AfrikanBoy


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