Akua Gyamfi & Danielle Dash Join, Claire Clottey on The Beat London 103.6 FM. Sunday 11th Dec 10am – 1pm

For all it’s glitz and glamour, Hollywood still has a lot to answer for when it comes to the treatment of women. When not battling to receive equal pay, women can also expect to be grossly objectified for the sake of a few extra pounds at the box office. A recently resurfaced interview with Italian director Bernardo Bertolucci suggests that these issues are nothing new. When talking about the infamous rape scene in Last Tango in Paris, Bertolucci explains that Maria Schneider, the actress in the scene, was not made fully aware of the details before filming because he wanted her reaction to be authentic.

Perhaps the most worrying thing is that the rape culture we speak of in today’s society didn’t spring up from nowhere. It has been filtering down bit by bit over time, and we are now at a point where it is normalised.

In the age of the Internet, sexual violence against women is threatened with the ease with little repercussion, leading many to believe that things are likely to get far worse before they will even begin to get better.

In a discussion about rape culture in the media and society, Claire will be joined by Akua Gyamfi, founder of The British Blacklist, and writer and director Danielle Dash.

About Akua Gyamfi and Danielle Dash

Akua founded The British Blacklist in 2012, in response to a gap in the market. It’s an online portal which provides a catalogue of black entertainment professions in all fields, in addition to entertainment news. The portal is in response to frustrations Akua had as a journalist, discovering that there was little information online about the entertainers she grew up watching. Now in it’s fourth year, the British Blacklist is going from strength to strength.

Danielle Dash is an award winning director, best known for the web series, Dear Jesus. The series documented the trials and tribulations of Mercedes, who worked through life’s problems by writing prayers to Jesus on her laptop. The series gained international acclaim, and Dash left viewers wanting more when the show ended in it’s fourth season.

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