Ancestral Voices

This book is a ground breaking exploration of humanity’s oldest documented faith practice; African Spirituality. A term often criticised for assuming homogeneity in African philosophy and culture that apparently does not exist. However, these research findings reveal intricate and broad commonalities across the various systems that clearly evidence a high level of unison in the Cosmological philosophies and practices of African people.

The Author explores the topic across millennia from the times of the Ancient Black Egyptians to contemporary practices on the Continent and in the Diaspora. Evidenced are striking commonalities in the spiritual philosophies and practices over time and space, showing they are derived from a common mind or source.

That what we term Vodou, Vodun, Ifa, Kandomble, Palo Mayombe, Kemetic Spirituality and the like are all but localised offshoots of the same tree so to speak.

As such, African Spirituality is shown to be an apt umbrella term for the various expressions the world over, one that will give its adherents official recognition and rights in the same manner various sects within mainstream religions are protected by law.

The book also gives practical advice and suggestions from various systems on how to cultivate an African Centred Spiritual life, so it is not just an essential piece of scholarly work to read but also an invaluable manual of instruction to have for cultivating one’s personal spiritual development.

Author: Dalian Y Adofo; Foreword by Robin Walker


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