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Author: Akua Gyamfi

80% #OutOf100 – King Arthur: Legend of the Sword (Well Done Guy Ritchie!)

I’m confused to the backlash against this film. What I watched at my preview screening was a fantastical romp comparable to revered man films, 300 and maybe a bit of Braveheart… basically all the epics which feature lots of men chest pumped, teeth bared, sword in hand, battling to death defending some legend, family crest or woman’s honour. Combined with the cockiness of Ritchies cult classic Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels and the Fast and Furious films. There’s nothing outlandishly wrong with King Arthur: Legend of the Sword to the extent critics are ripping into it. Guy Ritchie has made a brilliant film. He picked well in Charlie Hunnam (Sons of...

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#TBB10 – With Solomon Israel, The Brother Pulverising the Stage With His Acting Game

When work knows no borders, what’s the cost? Badea’s explosive drama, is a powerful and unsettling portrait of globalisation’s far-reaching grip on our working lives. A quality assurance officer from France, a call centre manager from Senegal, a factory worker from China, and an engineer from Romania – in four corners of the world, they are all engaged in one struggle: the multinational conglomerate they work for is trying to engulf their every waking moment. The Pulverised is a vital new play about escaping the rat race, overcoming distances and discovering new life. One of the stars Solomon Israel...

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65% #Outof100 – Sky Atlantic’s Guerrilla

If I take away all expectation, disappointment and confusion, the series isn’t all bad. There are a few strong moments. Everyone acts brilliantly Martello-White, Pinto, Ceesay, Mosaku, Ashton the whole cast in fact, stand out in various parts. But I’d say, British TV gatekeepers, we definitely need more of our stories told. We definitely need more series’ that depict our British Black history accurately and if you can’t make it there is an abundance of British Black storytellers who are more than ready.

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75% #OutOf100 – Fast & Furious 8: Fate of the Furious

Who knew I’d enjoy this quite so much! I must admit, I saw the trailer for Fast & Furious 8 before a screening of Get Out and rolled my eyes. I mean how many ways can you film speeding cars? No, I’m not a fan of car chase scenes. Yes, I’m absolutely okay with sexist comments about girls not getting it being applied here. But I’ve always hated films which rely heavily on cars speeding unnecessarily through the streets, knocking over people, water cans and strategically placed watermelons! They’re predictable, boring and obvious plot fillers. Enter 2001’s Fast & Furious, call a car chase a race and...

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