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Author: Akua Gyamfi

Humble and Unassuming, Ariyon Bakare Gives The British Blacklist Life!

Having worked with Ariyon Bakare on a short film for the BBC, the time spent with him I learned that he’s a humble guy who is unassuming about his jam-packed acting CV. Seeing him in a major lead role, in a blockbuster Hollywood sci-fi was a proud moment. My first words to him when I entered the room, were, “You’re in a big old movie!” (think Eddie Murphy dressed as an African Chief in Trading Places, saying “we are moving, we are moving!”)… I tried to contain myself for the rest of the interview

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#TBB10 Discusses New Book, No Place to Call Home With its Author JJ Bola

No Place To Call Home is the story of a Congolese family seeking asylum and their efforts to construct a new and hybrid collective identity. It provides a lens through which the current refugee crisis might be explored and encourages deep empathy for those living in ‘a perpetual purgatory’ between borders, straddling cultures and constantly consumed by fear.

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