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Author: Akua Gyamfi

#TBB10 with Mica Paris discussing her upcoming Ella Fitzgerald tour, the legacy of British Soul & Prince

“When I’m over in America, they talk about how we inspired them. Jill Scott, Mary J, they say they were inspired by us. When I’m in the states, I can make a phone call and see anyone. Black American artists support each other. But over here it’s different. Artists over here, have white managers who don’t encourage them to be black.”

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Black Folks when it’s award season, let’s pour a little respectful liquor for the powerlessness of UK Black Award Shows.

What does winning a UK based black award do? Tell me UK based creatives… I’ll wait… … … Have any UK born black creatives in the arts ever walked into a meeting and confidently mentioned the British black award they won when it came down to bartering for a role, or a directing gig, a writing position, or as a producer?

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