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Author: Akua Gyamfi

76% Out Of 100 – British Black Stars Claire Hope-Ashitey & Zachary Momoh Shine in Netflix’s Seven Seconds

Seven Seconds is a macabre must-watch. Though you know who’s guilty, Seven Seconds details how police killing black people cases get watered down to almost nothing by the time they get to court. This is where it’s good. Where it fails is that you’re not ever quite sure if they’re going to go dramatic or serious. One minute it’s poignant and raw, next minute it’s melodramatic and lazy. It fights itself at times. Brilliant turn by British Blacktors Claire-Hope Ashitey & Zachary Momoh

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#TBB10 with Mica Paris discussing her upcoming Ella Fitzgerald tour, the legacy of British Soul & Prince

“When I’m over in America, they talk about how we inspired them. Jill Scott, Mary J, they say they were inspired by us. When I’m in the states, I can make a phone call and see anyone. Black American artists support each other. But over here it’s different. Artists over here, have white managers who don’t encourage them to be black.”

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