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Author: Be Manzini

Sanjeev Bhaskar Discusses His OBE, His Acclaimed Career and Season 2 Of ITV Crime Series, Unforgotten

Multi-award winning actor writer and producer, Sanjeev Bhaskar makes a genuine point of making sure I am comfortable as we then proceed to talk about the new series of the critically acclaimed, Unforgotten, his previous TV shows his celebrity status; and the things he values dearly – humanity, humility, equality and egalitarianism.

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Scorcher Talks New Music, The Intent & Settles Rumours About Where He’s Actually From…

It’s been a pivotal year for Scorcher, the last time we spoke on the phone he was giving me the low down on his first feature film and lead in, The Intent, I’ve been looking forward to meeting him in the flesh since. So here we are months later catching up on how 2016 has been and what’s in store for this multi-talented, MC, producer and actor,

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BFI Black Star Season Honours Carmen Munroe, OBE & Norman Beaton

It is not often as a writer you meet someone you are keen to speak to and have such a sense of warmth you hug impulsively. The wonderful Carmen Munroe hugged me right back with such genuineness and I wonder if it is being Caribbean that allows her to have no airs and graces despite being an award-winning actress, the focus of BFI’s Black Star Season, and the reason why an audience have come to BFI Southbank on a Sunday evening!

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