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Author: Be Manzini

BFI Black Star Season Honours Carmen Munroe, OBE & Norman Beaton

It is not often as a writer you meet someone you are keen to speak to and have such a sense of warmth you hug impulsively. The wonderful Carmen Munroe hugged me right back with such genuineness and I wonder if it is being Caribbean that allows her to have no airs and graces despite being an award-winning actress, the focus of BFI’s Black Star Season, and the reason why an audience have come to BFI Southbank on a Sunday evening!

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Jonzi D Talks Breakdancing Ahead of the 13th Breakin’ Convention @ Sadler’s Wells

Pleased by my history lesson, Jonzi leads me into one of his own. We both have the impulse that this interview is more than a piece on the highly anticipated Breakin’ Convention festival. This man is a library of knowledge when it comes to spoken word and Hip-hop over the last 3 decades. I’m keen for the lesson to commence…

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