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Author: Jay Will Be

82% #OUTOF100 – Yardbird (An Homage to Charlie Parker)

Daniel Schnyder’s Jazz fused abstract opera Yardbird, pays homage to Jazz bebop pioneer Charlie Parker played by American tenor Lawrence Brownlee who puts in stellar vocal performance as the flawed genius. His friends, lovers and family experience a rollercoaster of emotions as they struggle to deal with his passing, with Parker himself stuck in limbo compromised by his own creative brilliance. Set after the death of Parker whose spirit still haunts Birdland, he struggles to compose one last masterpiece before inevitably letting go to leave his friends and family for good. The production begins with Parker’s dead remains lying covered...

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85% #OUTOF100 – Review of Tequila Works’ Game ‘RiME’

Ever since its very first reveal in 2013 RiME was always a title that sat firmly in the ‘long awaited’ category due to its appeal. So after being one of the highlights at this years EGX Rezzed it is exciting to see that Tequila Works RiME has finally arrived. First things first, those expecting combat in game may want to know straight off the bat that this is strictly an exploratory adventure that leans heavily on the game experience (think more Journey than Zelda for instance). RiME takes the player on a mystical exploration of discovery, where puzzle solving...

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86% #OUTOF100 J The Exodus ‘Hearts Desire’ EP Review

With commercial music in the UK mainly gravitating towards the grime scene, it’s refreshing to finally hear a UK Hip Hop EP which offers an alternative to the current trends. Heart’s Desire J the Exodus’s new 7 track EP is a solid assembly of tunes and is a welcomed throwback to high quality beats and rhymes especially for Hip Hop aficionados. Those familiar with his previous work will know that the MOBO unsung finalist has always had food for thought in his lyrics. On his new EP Heart’s Desire he continues in this vein exhibiting Socio-Political verses that flow effortlessly overhead nodding...

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90% #OutOf100 – Six Rounds by Marcus Flemmings

Six Rounds pulls no punches in setting the tension right from the start by stating the riots that occurred in the London boroughs in 2011 was sparked by the murder of an unarmed Mark Duggan by a Metropolitan police officer, a tragedy which still strikes an uneasy chord in many people. This initial tension cleverly intensifies in the next scene which reminiscent of the opening sequence in Raging Bull (1980); Martin Scorsese’s cinematic masterpiece; shifts focus onto two Boxers in a ring slugging it out trying to be first in landing the penultimate deciding blow. A duelling theme definitely seems to be intrinsically woven throughout the piece...

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90% #OUTOF100 AKS EP – Train of Thought

Following his much regarded debut EP, Modes of Transport: The Bus Stop British Hip Hop artist AKS finally returns with his highly anticipated sophomore release, the second project in his three-part, Modes of Transport series – entitled, Train of Thought. Having recently featured on the J the Exodus EP, Heart’s Desire, it only served to whet the appetite in anticipation for his new material and, Train of Thought fails to disappoint. It boasts production from long-time collaborator DemDrums, newcomer Kefas and AKS himself who effortlessly delivers intoxicating poetry woven together like a visual tapestry, infused with soulful, jazz tinged production throughout. Setting the tone instantly on the opening track, Train...

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#TBB10 With New Eclectic UK band All Change – Bringing That Alternative Musical Fusion

All Change are a new unsigned five piece Rap Rock band from London, England, consisting of two front men, a guitarist, bassist and drummer. They have crafted a raw and anthemic sound, that builds upon their foundation, through incorporating the influences from various other genres. February 8th 2017 saw the official release of their debut single, Chains. The premise of the song is to highlight our desire to break free from the intra-personal struggles that we all face each and every day. Chains is a track that definitely appeals to the alternative crowd, uniquely utilising a creative fusion of...

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