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80% #OUTOF100 – Eneeks EP – My Queen, My King, My God

My Queen, My King, My God is a classy EP debut release on Tokyo Dawn Records from UK artist Eneeks who collaborates with Personal Life producer Robert Strauss to orchestrate the production. It’s a clean, laid back EP that sets the tone from the uplifting first track ‘Get up’, a conglomerate of jazz, funk and vocoder sounds, expertly executed to great effect. Eneeks compliments this showcase of sound by going deeper with his poetry and subject matter which serves as the EPs theme from start to finish. He manages to embark the listener on a soulful odyssey through his eyes,...

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90% #OutOf100 – TBB Reviews Live VR Experience, Time Run The Celestial Chain

The world of interactive entertainment is becoming more virtual with an ever increasing amount of people being drawn to wanting to experience simulated escapism using the latest in cutting-edge VR technology. It’s ironic however that arguably the most effective virtual game experiences, are still attained with less gimmickry, and more plain old fashioned teamwork. The latest offering, Time Run The Celestial Chain, sets out to achieve this by incorporating The Crystal Maze style escape rooms and tasks which test your team’s collective dexterity. It’s less of a game and more of a live experience, that forces you to think on your feet. Upon arrival at its headquarters...

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Football Legend Cyrille Regis Discusses BBC Documentary, Whites Vs Blacks: How Football Changed a Nation

As part of the Black and British season, the BBC will air a one-off documentary, Whites Vs Blacks: How Football Changed a Nation. Which focuses on the football match that took place, May 16th 1979, between an all-white team against a team of entirely black players, for Len Cantello’s testimonial at West Bromwich Albion.
Cyrille Regis, was one of the players…

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80% #OutOf100 – Nick Hook’s Debut Album, Relationships

Nick Hook’s first full length debut is a 16 track fusion of 80s synth sounds and bassy hip hop tracks together with a nice array of guest features that doesn’t disappoint. Ironically entitled Relationships, it features a host of collaborations and guest appearances throughout, notably the late DJ Rashad who worked with Nick before his untimely death in 2014 and features on the opening and final track of the album. UK Grime MC Novelist also makes an appearance along with Deftones’ Chino Moreno amongst many others. The album’s style is an eclectic mix of electronic, hip hop dance beats, which...

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Akala Performs Epic Adaptation of New Graphic Novel ‘Visions’ at London Comic Con

Every now and then, a progressive artist comes around, to push the boundaries of the art form further; raising the bar. BAFTA and MOBO Award-winning hip-hop artist Akala, who debuted at this year’s MCM Comic Con Expo, to perform his graphic novel, Visions live, certainly seems to fit that profile.

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86% #OutOf100 – Chasing Asylum

With the migration crisis in full flow around the world; forcing major countries to make big decisions based on their border control, Academy Award-winning director Eva Orner’s, Chasing Asylum is a perfectly timed documentary. Hard hitting and no nonsense, it aims a lot of ammunition towards the Australian government, detailing how they continue to turn away thousands of migrants, by neutralising their efforts to reach Australian shores. This is done by essentially capturing their boats and detaining the refugees, in remote detention centers (Regional Processing Centre) on islands in Indonesia, specifically located in Manus and Nauru. It’s here where the...

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90% #OutOf100 – #LFF2016 Review of Heart Wrenching True Story, Lion

LION, Directed by Emmy Award nominated Garth Davis, is a tear jerking true story based on the memoir by Sarah Brierley A Long Way Home. It harrowingly accounts the story of an Indian child named Saroo, charmingly played by Sunny Pawar who, whilst looking for food with his older brother, Guddu, is accidentally separated from him. After falling asleep on an empty train Saroo wakes to find himself on an endless train ride. After two days, the train finally stops in Kolkata, miles away from his home. Lost in a world he doesn’t know and faced with all manner...

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