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Author: Jennifer G. Robinson

YOUNG REBEL AND BLACK: Filmmaker Menelik Shabazz Presents Three Of His Rarely Seen Films

Pioneering Director Menelik Shabazz will screen his rarely seen films; Blood Ah Go Run, Breaking Point and Step Forward Youth at Ritzy Picturehouse, Brixton. The presentation will include a Q&A with the director, which explores the historical context of the films, whilst matching them to society’s present challenges concerning youth.

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75% #OUTOF100 – David Rodigan: My Life In Reggae, An Autobiography

DJ David Rodigan embraced reggae music since the 1970s and his autobiography is a record of a wealth of history about a globally influential genre. Rodigan: My Life In Reggae reads as a potted history of the musical genre, starting with chapters titled Bob Marley and The Birth of Sound System, on to Toasting, Lovers Rock and Dancehall, to finish with Dubstep and his pathway into new endeavours with the chapter New Roots. These chapters trace Rodigan’s life as it becomes entwined – and is good signposting into the evolution of reggae music in the UK. Rodigan’s passionate embrace...

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If He’s Not Your Negro, Then Whose Is He? – A Reflection of James Baldwin

Today’s western, racial politics reminds us that we need activists as much as we ever did but it has to develop in order to tread the new terrain. The ground has shifted. James Baldwin, in remembering him in all his entirety adds credibility and most importantly, viability to contemporary activism which includes the full spectrum of blackness.

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Pan-African Filmmaker Toyin Agbetu Celebrates 10th Anniversary of The Day He Challenged The Queen

In 2007 Toyin Agbetu famously rebuked The Queen and former Prime Minister Tony Blair in Westminster Abbey as they ‘celebrated’ the achievements of William Wilberforce as an abolitionist of the slave trade. On its 10th Anniversary, Agbetu revisits Westminster Abbey on Monday 26th March with a free public event.

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Author Alex Wheatle’s ‘Baby’ Brixton Rock Finds An Identity On Its Own Terms.

Author of East of Acre Lane, Brenton Brown, The Dirty South, Island Song and of course, what he calls his ‘baby’, Brixton Rock, it’s evident that Alex Wheatle MBE has evolved into a seasoned writer. Fresh from his Guardian Children’s Fiction Prize (2016) win with novel Crongton Knights, Wheatle is awash with opportunity and a better appreciation of his standing in the literary world.

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Aysha Scott Tackles Absent Fathers in New Short Film

Today, fatherhood and its definitions are being questioned by many cultures – and this examination brings into question notions of motherhood, gender, feminism, equality and other markers for our prescribed roles in society. Refreshingly from a British perspective, in her directorial debut Aysha Scott interrogates fatherhood via ‘Absent’ in her new feature film.

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