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Author: Marianne Miles

Arinzé Kene, Is Set to Dominate Screen & Stage With His Slate of New Projects

Born in Lagos Nigeria, the incessantly talented Arinze Kene describes himself as a creative, a reader and a thinker. His body of work includes roles in prime time TV shows and leading roles in major stage productions. Kene has also won awards for his stage writing and over the next few months he will be seen on TV, Stage and Film appearing in productions which stretch his acting range as well as prepping for more of his work as a playwright to hit the stage.

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Actor, Writer & Producer Nicky ‘Slimting’ Walker Talks About The Intent

I’ve always been the loudest voice whenever a British movie comes out depicting guns, drugs and violence. I’m over the genre, I’ve been over it. Especially as we have had a couple of decades of this content and very little balance. So I watched The Intent not expecting anything of quality or substance, by the end of the film (and just before my Interview with Nicky) I was on the fence. The film has elements of everything I hate but there are several positive messages and there is definitely no glamourising of street culture. Speaking to Nicky was refreshing, I got...

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Out of 100 – Brotherhood

A packed house of cast, crew and invited guests filled the VUE Leicester Square for this screening of Brotherhood which marks the end of the ‘Hood’ movies which raised a generation and shaped the future of British film. Creator, Writer and Star Noel Clarke introduced the film with a touching speech on leaving the hood franchise behind. Many of the cast members past and present were in the building to watch the final instalment. I would advise watching Kidulthood & Adulthood before seeing this ending, for nostalgia and also to recap on some of the story lines and characters which are revisited here. Brotherhood starts with a...

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89% #OutOf100 The Black Panthers: Vanguard of The Revolution

Kush films continued their new monthly ‘film boutique’ events with an extra special screening of The Black Panthers: Vanguard of The Revolution, the documentary which traces the rise and fall of the Black Panther Party. Walking into the Regent Street cinema was a huge joy, the event was billed as a theme night and the audience didn’t disappoint. Everyone wearing the iconic black leather, dark-glasses and black-gloved fist look synonymous with the Black Panther Party and the movement they created in 1960s America. Afro’s (real and fake), long boots, headwraps and berets were everywhere as Public Enemy’s infamous justice theme song, Fight The Powerblared...

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