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Author: Tammy V

Maureen Worrell Talks About Her First Published Novel, The Journey of I & I

The Journey of I & I is primarily the story of Liz, growing up with, and surviving the horrendous circumstances of having been sexually abused as a very young child until the age of 14. It also details the horrific affects and after-effects of enduring and witnessing extensive domestic violence within the family home and takes the readers through her life journey of having to cope with this chaos and all that it entails.

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Racism In The Fashion Industry is Still a Glaring Problem

One definition of fashion design is “the art of the application of design and aesthetics or natural beauty to clothing and accessories” if this is the case should we not see more diversity in the “high” fashion industry? Shouldn’t we see designers who represent all ethnicities equally, as well as an array of models that women of all nationalities can identify with?

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