Baby Isako Talks to TBB About Her New Podcast ‘Kinks and All’

In 2004, Baby began to perform her written work publicly. She entered competitions with the poetry society group. Her first play, Love is a Losing Game, was released in 2010. It told the stories of a young group of university friends who were trying to discover love. The play received great reviews, selling out 6 shows. Isako continued to explore the characters from her play and decided to create the sequel, Love is a Losing Game pt2 (2011). The play touched heavily on the negative perception people have of HIV.

Venus vs. Mars was Isako’s first venture into the world of web series’. The romantic comedy-drama series about one young woman’s quest to find true love received over half a million views online and rewarded Isako a Screen Nation, Best Web Series award. The series was also commissioned for broadcast by Sky Living.

In 2012 Isako wrote her next play, Bag Ladies, which divides its narrative between the past and present. The story followed the lives of four women who deal with a different personal conflict such as: Abuse, religion, identity and abortion. It received great reactions from her audience. In 2014, she adapted Bag Ladies into a short film, where it went on to screen at the 2014 Cannes film Festival, and got an official selection at the International Black Women festival.

Isako, has now taken steps into a new arena, the world of podcasting with her new podcast series, Kinks and All. We caught up with her to find out more…

Tell us about this new podcast?

Kinks and All is a love story a love story that takes you through the evolution of black hair, culture and music.

What was the inspiration behind this tale?

I wanted to write something that focuses on some of my experiences growing up.

Are the two lead characters based on anyone you know?


Why the move from visual to audio?

I’m still working within TV. Doing a podcast is just a way for me to be creative on my own accord. It is a new outlet for me to experiment stories on.

What did you have to do differently in regards to the script and getting your actors to deliver their lines for a listening rather than watching audience?

It was a lot easier. I didn’t have to add descriptions or much dialogue. Everything is within the tone and feel they give to the lines.

In regards to casting how did you cast, what were the considerations again in regards to the listening audience?

I searched for people who had good audio voices. Now when people talk to me I’m just listening to the tone of their voices

How long is this series? Have you thought about where it will end yet?

The series is 8 episodes and it comes out every other Wednesday. It looks at everything from secondary school, Bigga Fish the under 18 raves, college, university and then it ends with where the two characters are at now.

This is moving into the realms of Radio drama. Did you research radio dramas to inform your direction? Can you name any which most inspired or influenced you?

I really loved Serial. To be honest that is the only radio drama I stuck with.

Looking back at your career, what’s been happening since Venus vs. Mars’ online then TV success?

I’ve been working with some great TV production companies developing new shows. Just won the Sitcom trials audience vote at the Edinburgh Fringe. A lot has been going on! What people don’t understand is anything that gets on television takes about 2/3 years to release. It is a long process.

One thing which disappointed me, was that when it was announced Venus vs. Mars was moving to Sky, I thought it would be a revamped all new, all glossy series… I was surprised it was the original webisodes. I felt a little let down that they hadn’t invested in making new episodes… Please explain what happened in that situation? Did you know what to expect from the start, was there any disappointment from your side?

We invested a lot of our own time and money in putting the show online and we had a lot of footage that wasn’t released Ep4 onwards. Sometimes when you film everything it takes away the spark and rawness. It also showed that what we had was good enough to get on television not many people can say that. There hasn’t been any disappointment on my side because it has opened a lot of doors for me. How many people can say they had their show on SKY?

What’s happening with Venus vs. Mars next? Will we be getting a new series?

The series has been sold to other countries abroad which again has opened so many doors. There will be no new series. I’ve grown so much as a writer and have new stories that I’m writing. Venus Vs Mars was written 5/6 years ago wow!

What else do you have in the pipeline?

Two new comedies and a drama watch this space.

How can we keep up to date with you and your projects and where can we listen to Kinks & All? | iTunes | (Episodes air every other Wednesday)


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