BBC Wales & Arts Council Wales Calling Welsh artists & bands to apply for Launchpad Fund. Deadline Monday, 28th September, 2015

bbc_walesPart of the Horizons scheme, the Launchpad fund is a new resource which helps talented artists or bands in Wales to further their music careers by providing them with vital access to finance.

Launchpad, as implied by the name, is for those starting out on their musical journey, at a crucial point in their development. It is to help support activities that will help artist or bands fulfil their potential. They are looking for artists/bands that can demonstrate interest from audiences and those that work in the music industry (such as venues or critics) but need support to enable them to carry out an activity that will enable them to increase their reach.

On offer are up to 25 awards of up to £2,000 each, over the next year.

Application guidelines:

  • In the application you’ll need to explain:
  • How much funding you’re asking for and what it will be spent on?
  • What activity the funding will enable you to do?
  • How that activity will help your music career
  • Why now is the best time?
  • We expect that the fund will receive a lot of applications so be reasonable in your costings – we’ll have to consider value for money and how appropriate the ask it given the stage in your career.

What will Launchpad not fund?

  • Time (as wages or loss of earnings).
  • International travel and associated expenses.
  • Equipment is funded, but there needs to be a clear rationale. Explain how it will be used and why it is needed.

Who can apply to Launchpad?

  • Launchpad will be open to Wales based artists/bands writing, producing and performing original contemporary popular music.
  • These contemporary music genres include indie, electronic, urban, pop, rock, world, folk and emerging contemporary music genres. Bands/artists must have had their music played on BBC Radio Cymru or BBC Radio Wales.
  • Eligible bands must have a significant proportion of the group living in Wales.
  • Solo artists must live in Wales. Artists/bands must be able to prove that they are over 16 years of age on the date of entry.
  • Artists/bands must also comply with the terms and conditions set out below.
  • Artist/bands can apply only once.

Completed applications will need to be emailed to by midnight on Monday, 28th September, 2015.

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