Being Mary Jane Recap – S4 E2 – Getting Naked


They should change this episode’s title to ‘Getting F*cked’ because everybody got hit with something today.  Mary Jane & Niecy especially, are both looking for mythical Unicorns and ending up with Donkeys!

The episode begins with both Mary Jane and Niecy in bed with their latest, for the all the wrong reasons. MJ literally ripped (London) Lee’s boxers off and tackles him into sex as soon as he arrives, she still doesn’t realise that this guy could be an actual contender and continues to treat him like a f*ckboy.  Meanwhile Niecy is in Atlanta with baby-daddy Dante (who is a f*ckboy) having sex in his house, which comes to an abrupt end when his mum comes home, so classy!  Their post-coital conversation is a well-structured lesson in emotional blackmail, Dante wants to move in with Niecy, using HER money, when she shuts that down he moves on to threatening to not to see his daughter because he has no car.  Niecy shuts that down too, but sadly that moment of clarity does not last too long.  Dante is clearly trying to squeeze money out of her, despite her not actually having the cheque yet. When Niecy does collect the $150k compensation from her Police brutality moment Dante stops her from putting it all in trust for her children as planned.  Instead, they end up at a car showroom and after using their son, Treyvion to manipulate her, Dante rides off in a $45k car.  Niecy is clearly trying to compete with her aunt as Queen of Bad Decisions.

Back in NYC, Mary Jane is still blind to her co-worker, Ronda Sales’ shenanigans.  Asked to cover a charity event, which turns out to be Ronda’s project, MJ believes it’s management creating black girl rivalry even though it’s all a part of Ronda’s plan to control MJ and keep her enemy close.  Ronda lines up a rack of designer dresses for the gig and introduces MJ to her colleague who just happens to be sexy & single. Whilst discussing the event, Mary Jane reveals to Ronda that her date Lee has two kids, and after Ronda openly shows her disgust, MJ decides to disinvite him.

Why is she talking so much?  She just met this woman, I get that she was her idol but damn MJ where is your female intuition?

Mary Jane sank to a new low this episode, because as much as I don’t like Lee, he is proving to be too good for her.  Can I just say; he also needs to stop comparing himself to My Idris. (Yes, MY Idris!) – Major side-eye to the writers for that, surely they know there are more than two black actors in the UK.  Anyway, the date Lee planned for them was sweet, he wanted to talk to her face to face, instead of face to vagina. The discussion they ended up having, was quite revealing.  But, MJ being the neurotic ass that she is, gets lost in the details. He has two kids so of course she looks up the baby mama and immediately becomes insecure when she proves to be pretty & accomplished. (Doesn’t MJ have a mirror?).

So with all that in mind, when Ronda dangles her sexy & single colleague Corey in front of MJ’s nose she bites the cookie and he ends up as her date instead of Lee. At the event, Kara calls Corey, Andre 2.0 (LOL) she is not blind to Ronda’s games and when she points it out, Mary Jane has the audacity to claim Kara does not understand because she is not black. As a result, Kara rightfully cusses her out in Spanish;  MJ is left at the event, on her own to crawl further into Ronda’s web.  During a conversation about haters MJ mentions Justin Talbott (Michael Ealy) who apparently “stabbed her in the back and walked over her dead body.”  AGAIN WITH THE TOO MUCH INFORMATION MJ!

So just to recap, Mary Jane is working at Ronda’s charity event at Ronda’s request, in a dress picked by Ronda, with Ronda’s employee as her date. Deep Sigh.  Anyway, Corey plays his position and ends up taking Mary Jane home and is about to go up to her room but pop up king Lee thwarts that plan.  I still don’t like the way he just shows up; it’s creepy.  He knew she wouldn’t be there so what was he actually trying to do?  He claims he left his notepad behind, then proceeds to read her for filth when he sees her with Corey. Lee reminds MJ that she is, “a woman with everything yet pleads for love from a perfect stranger.”  That had to hurt!

MJ ends up turning Corey down deciding to go home alone, so maybe that read from Lee hit her in the right place…??? But… no,  no it didn’t, because MJ wakes up with Corey on the brain!  Making the same mistake as usual jumping from good peen to peen she hasn’t had yet.  Kara, being the good friend that she is does some digging and comes up with dirt on Corey, he’s been stealing money from Ronda then upon further investigation, they find out Ronda’s Husband Ellison is cheating on her and it’s actually him stealing the money to look after his young blonde mistress!!!  Kara tries to take control and tells Mary Jane that she should tell their boss Garett about this to keep Ronda off the air and use this scandal to their advantage.  But of course, Queen of Bad Decisions Mary Jane ignores Kara and goes straight to Ronda who is visibly upset but tells Mary Jane to do her worst.

Would you trust that instruction?

No, neither would I or anyone with common sense! Before Mary Jane has a chance to do anything, Ronda goes off script on her next broadcast and confesses everything live on air blaming the entire incident on Corey and exiles him somewhere in the Caribbean for his silence.  She played you Mary Jane, but that was just Act 1.  Later, we see that Good Day America has a new employee, Mary Jane’s nemesis Justin Talbot (MY, Michael Ealy). Justin is all brooding, light skinned, luscious and sexy, just MJ’s type.  I wonder what he did to her, and could it be any worse than Andre ‘hide his wedding ring’ or David ‘get someone else pregnant’?   Hopefully now Mary Jane knows exactly where she stands with her false-idol Ronda she’ll find her brains and use them from now on.

The only plus in this episode for Mary Jane is that after all her crazy, she tracks down Lee, bares her soul in front of him and his friends (cringe)… and clearly he is glutton for punishment, or desperate because he takes her back. Which is great because she’s going to need all the love and support she can get, now she has Ronda and Justin at work to deal with, I can’t wait to see how they all interact in the next episode.

Being Mary Jane airs every Sunday in the UK, 10pm on BET International.


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