Being Mary Jane season 4 episode 3 Recap – Getting Real

“40 is the new 30, or the new 20 if you’re a black woman” – Lee saved himself with that line at the end of this episode, He’s seriously starting to get on my nerves!

The source of Pauletta’s issues is becoming clearer. I always thought she was having an extreme version of a mid-life crisis and apparently her impending 40th birthday is what has made her become the Queen of Bad Decisions.  She usually, at least, has her work under control but this New York life is not agreeing with her at all.

Justin (Michael Ealy) and Rhonda (Valarie Pettiford) are still messing with her at Good Morning America, giving her the shitty stories to cover and bad mouthing her to the bosses, Mary Jane is playing right into their hands. She recommends a segment for the latest ratchet reality star, Mercedes Wilkerson (Cardi B; Love & Hip Hop New York). With Kara at the helm Mary Jane would’ve made it into her own hard-hitting piece about feminism and being a black woman in the spotlight, but the job was passed onto Justin who sabotaged her efforts. Justin laid out all the reasons why she is not a potential lead anchor for the station in front of the boss calling her interview style “cold and judgmental”. The old Mary Jane would’ve come up with a plan to secure her money despite being side-swiped, but this extra scatty New York version goes ham on live TV making the segment a disaster, then an argument she has with Mercedes backstage where she tells her to ‘swallow her kids’ (I died!) goes viral. Cardi B was basically playing herself.  Good. Quick money for her. Kudos!  Kara & MJ initially think all the online attention is a triumph when interview requests come pouring in, but Rhonda suggests she gets demoted to web coverage only.

Rhonda is a stone-cold bitch.

Meanwhile, Lee & Mary Jane take their relationship to freak level.  In between discussing their individual living arrangements and visiting sex shops the subject of anal sex comes up.  Lee indicates that he’s into the same things as Kanye West and on their next intimate moment MJ obliges him.  I never really thought about what happens after you insert finger into an anus, that entire area is non-sexual to me, so is kissing a dude whilst waving a shitty finger in the air. That scene was cringe mixed with vomit. Mary Jane must’ve thought their first anal sessions was an ‘initiation’ because she goes off to look for a place for both of them to live, despite the fact that they’ve only been dating a few months. Why is she so goddamn desperate & needy all the time?  For once she needs to let the man lead outside of the bedroom.

Her realtor is lil bro PJ, in New York living it up, no longer selling weed and presumably he managed to dodge the business scandal which was about to blow up last season.  PJ shows Mary Jane a beautiful place, and she brings Lee along to get his approval for their ‘new home’. Lee ain’t moving in anytime soon, she hasn’t met his kids yet and he’s happy with the relationship as is. Mary Jane’s fragile ego cracks, she blows up and tells him to leave, and to her that was the end.

MJ is in flux, her 40th Birthday looming over her like a dark cloud, she wants to tick off a few life goals before that deadline hits, but life is never that straight forward.

It’s great that this storyline is being played out in terms of age, as Lee said in the scene “40 is the new 30, or the new 20 if you’re a black woman”. But if you’re over 40, just looking young is not good enough. Many women feel life is passing them by especially when millennials seem to achieve so much so soon. Being faced with illiterate Mercedes Wilkerson who has a husband, 5 kids, fame and a swimwear line probably added to Mary Jane’s lack of patience.  Instead of ticking off a life goal she added another dumb incident to her long list of failed relationships.

In true stalker fashion, Lee pops up again a few days later ignoring Mary Jane’s nail in the coffin on their strange relationship, as far as he was concerned they just had an argument and all is well. MJ just accepts this because she’s nearly 4o, and desperate and having a bad experience at work and this weird British dude is comfort.

No MJ, Plantain fried in coconut oil (with avocado on the side) is comfort, and Lee is Tesco’s everyday value Bananas.

Something about him is off.

Being Mary Jane airs every Sunday, 10pm on BET International.


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