Being Mary Jane Season 4 Episode 8 Recap – Getting Risky

This week, Lee & Mary Jane continue with their conscious coupling exercise, this time with MJ meeting the ex, ‘baby mama’.  We’ve seen MJ google Zoe and immediately develop insecurities because she is beautiful and accomplished so no doubt MJ is apprehensive and nervous, but his time she has good reason.  Lee & his ex are the best of friends, and Zoe is one of those annoying people who are too over familiar.  Within seconds of meeting MJ, she blurts out that she knows the sordid & embarrassing details of their first night together, marking her territory and immediately letting MJ know how important she is with Lee confirming this by adding “We tell each other most things.”

Later Mary Jane and Zoe watch Lee’s comedy set together but Lee talks about MJ’s family in a disparaging way, Niecy’s x2 child, x2 baby daddy scenario which I found extremely rude and disrespectful, especially in front of his ex who is already basking in one-upmanship over Mary Jane.  When MJ confronts him, she wasn’t forceful enough in my opinion, she allows Lee to turn the conversation around, and finds out he is against marriage, so no ring in her future then?  He doesn’t want to move in, he’s against marriage, he’s creepy AF, why is she staying with him again? Anyway, even though Zoe is smug and has the worse British accent ever (Hey Samuel L. Jackson!), MJ continues to entertain her and ends up on a shopping trip where Zoe takes pictures of her undressed to send to Lee.  Seriously I would’ve slapped her then, but eventually MJ’s insecurities are waylaid when she discovers that Zoe cheated on Lee, and she’s a Lesbian, Zoe reveals this little tidbit with a surprise girl-on-girl kiss on the lips. Who does that?  Nothing about this situation is healthy to me.

Meanwhile, MJ’s little brother PJ continues to allow his boss’ daughter Ava take him for a mug. After he foolishly followed her advice to bring a girl back to his mother’s condo, he discovers that she has pictures of his sexual encounter last week in her mother’s bed and threatens to show her if he doesn’t allow her to throw a party in the property.  I thought he came to his senses when he tells her to ‘go ahead’, but Miss Ava calls his bluff, telling him her mother is in love with him, and just buying his affections with that Rolex.   I was hoping we would see the last of Ava soon; the party was her undoing and ultimately PJ’s.  A girl overdoses, Ava’s mother finds out and reveals her feelings for PJ, unlike his sister PJ ducks her advances and promptly hands back the watch and dissolves his mentorship.  Hopefully this will be the end of Ava, such an unnecessary and boring storyline for PJ.

Back at Good Day America MJ & Justin are still suspended for not revealing their source for the controversial Judge McAllister story. Mary Jane flexes her journalistic muscles again and figures it out, but Justin is way ahead of her and turns up just when MJ is about to confront the source in person. The pair, who have gone from being arch enemies to frenemies overnight, use their suspension to work on the story behind Garret’s back. They meet with a black man wrongly-convicted by Judge McAllister and smuggle him into the studio for a full interview.  MJ & Justin being thrown together like this means the chemistry is heating up between them but not as quickly as I would like.  Justin, seems to have MJ’s back and tells her to stand up for herself against Ronda and aim for a seat at the table instead of just a job. They stand their ground when Garrett tries to give the story to Ronda and Kara, MJ threatens to reign and Justin says he’ll be right behind her. I’m shocked he’s so adamant at being her ally… shocked and suspicious. Anyway, they both get the story, their jobs and kudos from the bosses.  Ronda is furious enough to finally sign her 5-year contract, securing her as the station’s lead anchor and leaving MJ out on the sidelines for the foreseeable future.

Later, MJ celebrates her success at work with frick & frack; Lee and Zoe. Baby Mama Drama hits Lee with a request, she wants the baby she’s planning to have with her girlfriend to be related to her children via their father in other words she wants Lee to be the sperm donor! Who asks a man that question in front of his girlfriend? Seriously!? I’m looking forward to seeing what the answer will be… P.S Why does Lee call Mary Jane EmJ, instead of Emjay?  It sounds like ‘minge’.  Yuck.

Being Mary Jane airs every Sunday in the UK, 10pm on BET International.


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