Being Mary Jane Season 4 – Midseason Finale

Quick episode 9 Recap – Getting Serious

*SCREAMS*  Finally a love scene with Michael Ealy!  It was just a kiss, but damn, it was sensual AF. Anyway, we’ll get to that…

We join MJ & Lee (Chiké Okonkwo) pondering his ex-wife’s indecent proposal; if he’d be the sperm donor for the child she’s having with her wife. Seriously, what is there to think about? Obviously Mary Jane (Gabrielle Union) is perturbed, noting that he had not cracked any of his lame jokes since leaving the restaurant.

Lee seems bothered that his ex will have this baby with or without him, and mentions that is daughter has been asking for another sibling.  Does he realise sperm donor does not equal father in this situation? Meanwhile MJ, fast heading towards her 40th birthday, is just tired at this point. After all the mad exes she’s had, she thought Lee was sane & stable and now this.  She leaves him to think about it and ignores his calls and texts all morning.

At, Good Day USA Mary Jane needs to follow up her triumph with a good story.  Again, she leans on new ally Justin (Michael Ealy) who has a lifeline, but it’s a story that Ronda (Valarie Pettiford) first championed. A lady was a victim of internet bullying and has now moved abroad, any follow up means going to the Virgin Islands and subsequently Ronda wins again.

Apparently, this was all Justin’s plan to get Ronda away from the anchor chair and Mary Jane to take her place.  The only hitch in the plan is co-anchor Aaron has to choose Ronda’s replacement and the presenters he’s currently sleeping with are 1st and 2nd in line.  After some major manipulation from MJ, Aaron chooses her for the spot and Justin’s plan is in motion.  (I’m still not sure if Justin should be trusted).

Kara’s (Lisa Vidal) cougar relationship with star athlete Orlando takes a turn when he reveals all in a TV interview. God knows why he decided to do that, he is the stereotypical attention obsessed celebrity. Apparently this news is a gift to Garrett who quickly tells Kara he approves and invites her to his secret poker game. Interesting that Kara’s success and talent was not good enough to be in Garrett’s inner circle until she started banging an athlete.  All the new media attention is making Kara uneasy, she’s private, plus she has her boys, being all over the tabloid press as ‘Milf of the week’ is soul destroying for a woman who has risen to the top because of her brain. It would be a good idea to stay off the internet in this situation but Kara allows all the blogs to get into her head and promptly ends her relationship with Orlando.  You can tell he genuinely loves her but she allows him to walk out anyway, then sobs uncontrollably.  One day Kara will get out of her own way in her personal life and allow herself to have it all.

Creepy Lee pops up at MJ’s job to tell her that he’s not donating his sperm to ex-wife Zoe. (*Rolls eyes* dude that was a text message at most). Lee and Justin meet for the first time and Justin is full of shade, asking Lee if he works in construction! LOL Poor Lee doesn’t realise what’s going on, but he soon finds out that Justin has is eye on MJ in more ways than one.

Kara & Ronda leave for the Virgin Islands interview, while MJ prepares for her day in the anchor chair.  She’s distracted and calls in Justin to help her concentrate.  He’s helpful and very overly affectionate, the chemistry between them is building.

The next morning, while MJ is getting ready Kara calls to say Ronda left the hotel early without any explanation, MJ turns around and there she is, Ronda with the interviewee, back to claim her place at Great Day USA.  Justin and MJ have no choice but to back down and give Ronda her due, she played them masterfully and proved she is the Queen for a reason. MJ is frustrated at herself but takes it out on Justin, he calms her down with kind words, reassurance and a sensual kiss. Justin is too cool for school, he kissed her, then just walked away like nothing happened, it’s definitely a calculated move on his part, but will MJ see through it?


Episode 10 – Mid season finale

It’s MJ’s  40th birthday, always a time of reflection and/or dread but MJ is in good spirits, her life is going well on all fronts and she’s discussing how to celebrate with bestie Kara and boyfriend Lee who has a ridiculous charity comedy gig with Eddie Murphy in mind, he really doesn’t know her at all.  Thank god for Kara who has planned a getaway to Martha’s Vineyard with MJ’s favourite author Zadie Smith.  In the middle of the conversation, maybe fuelled by the wine, MJ’s subconscious conjures up an image of Justin, that kiss obviously lit a fire! Later that evening, in the middle of foreplay, Lee declines going all the way because he has to make a deposit at her fertility doctor.

Hold on?  Did I miss something?  A few weeks ago he wasn’t ready to commit to living with MJ but now they’re having baby together.

The next day, Justin continues with his mysterious master plan, pitching a sports story for Mary Jane to do with Aaron. His determination to oust Ronda is getting scary, and we still have no clue what his real motive is.  He has discovered a major flaw in the internet bully story from last week, a revelation which will cost Ronda her job.  The lady lied about being trolled online, and Ronda’s team at the time didn’t catch it.  Justin & MJ realise how close they are to getting her into the anchor chair, but you can tell MJ is a bit uneasy about the way it’s happening.

When she shares the saga with Lee later that night he is clearly uncomfortable when he hears Justin is the mastermind behind it all and questions why she would go along with it so easily.  Lee feels threatened by those blue eyes and allows his insecurities to pour out in the form of an argument with MJ.  He suddenly realises that he may have moved too fast with the baby plans, which sends MJ into meltdown.  Why go along with it if you’re not ready?  She has every right to go off on him at this point, I’d be so fed up if I was her.  MJ Flips, calls Zoe his “wackadoodle baby mama” and throws a cup at Lee’s head; unfortunately she missed.

Mary Jane breaks down at her desk the next morning just before she’s about to go on air with Aaron in front of the suits from upstairs. Justin decides not to kiss her this time and instead gets Kara to give her bestie a pep talk which works.  When Kara tells Justin that MJ has broken up with Lee I saw a sly smile on his face. To add to MJ’s woes, Queen Ronda has changed the sports segment to one about emoji’s which is boring, but MJ shows why she’s her rival and pulls it off regardless.

Justin drops the hammer on Ronda and goes to MJ’s hotel room to wait for the verdict.  He mixes cocktails, gets cosy and reminisces about their past, just when they are about to move closer the phone rings and they are both ordered back to the studio, but they’re both drunk!  Once it’s all confirmed, MJ goes to the anchor desk to take it all in.  She did it, finally.  Justin joins her, and after a quick brush of hands, clothes come off, and they get it on in the studio on the desk.  It was worth waiting for, this sex scene was steamy as hell!  Well played to all involved, it’s the best love scene in Being Mary Jane’s history.  Now, I may be mistaken, but as the scene ends there is a flashing red light in the distance, it may be outside of the building or a reflection of a camera light inside the studio, after rewinding it back many times I still can’t decide.  Were they being taped?

Obviously, Ronda didn’t take the news well, the next morning she bumps into MJ as she makes her exit and can’t resist taking a few verbal jabs telling MJ that she’s been hit by the ‘drug’ and she’ll come unstuck eventually.  Ronda remains the Queen, wishes MJ a Happy 40th Birthday and wishes Kara the best of luck.  Around the corner, MJ sees a distraught Kara who has also lost her job.

Ronda convinced Garret that as her producer, Kara was supposed to double check the story before allowing it to go out, even though this was a follow-up of an old story. Kara warns MJ to watch her back, blaming Justin for her demise, he was in the room when she got fired. One saving grace is that Kara heads straight to Orlando’s for comfort and he welcomes her with open arms and a bare chest.

Mary Jane still has to take to the air as the new co-anchor amidst all the drama, Justin is adamant he didn’t mean for Kara to get caught up but I don’t believe him. As he gives MJ a last pep talk he intimately brushes her hair away from her face, in the background we see Creepy Lee looking on. All the times he’s popped up unannounced, this is the first time he actually caught something.

This was the best episode so far, this season and a great way for the show to end before taking a four-month hiatus.

What happens next?

Hopefully MJ will let that night be a one off and try to get back to professionalism with Justin but that wouldn’t be fun. LOL, I bet she slips again before we find out what his actual plan is.  Kara needs to get her job back, Ronda needs to fight for her title and Lee needs to go!

Being Mary Jane returns to BET International in July.


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