Boomerang the series comes to BET UK this Valentine’s Day

If you’re old enough to have been a fan of the original film, you may need to adjust your settings for Boomerang the series!

In today’s double tap era, being a boss doesn’t necessarily mean sitting behind a desk and being single doesn’t mean going to bed alone. For this group of ambitious

20-something friends, they believe they can have it all…the house, the car, the career, the romance and the “likes.”

Executive produced by Lena Waithe and Halle Berry, Boomerang, is a brand new dramedy, based on the 1992 American romantic comedy film of the same name. Picking up about twenty-five years after the original movie in which Halle Berry starred alongside Robin Givens and Eddie Murphy, this 10-part series centres on the children of the iconic main characters and is fuelled by friendship, career aspirations, love, and sex.

Stepping out of the shadows of their parents, lead characters Simone and Bryson have known each other since childhood and we follow them as young adults along with their animated crew of long-time friends, all of whom are looking to make their own mark as young professionals.

Boomerang starts Thursday 14th February 2019, 930 pm on BET International


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