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Category: Features

65% #Outof100 – Sky Atlantic’s Guerrilla

If I take away all expectation, disappointment and confusion, the series isn’t all bad. There are a few strong moments. Everyone acts brilliantly Martello-White, Pinto, Ceesay, Mosaku, Ashton the whole cast in fact, stand out in various parts. But I’d say, British TV gatekeepers, we definitely need more of our stories told. We definitely need more series’ that depict our British Black history accurately and if you can’t make it there is an abundance of British Black storytellers who are more than ready.

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Forever Fearless: Darcus Howe – Rest In Paradise

Darcus Howe, 74, will be remembered for many things, a TV presenter, writer, fearless civil rights campaigner, activist. Regardless of what stage in his career you became aware of his greatness, you will no doubt have been in awe of his defiant bravery in the face of adversity for much of his public life.

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