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Category: Literature Interviews

#TBB10 Discusses New Book, No Place to Call Home With its Author JJ Bola

No Place To Call Home is the story of a Congolese family seeking asylum and their efforts to construct a new and hybrid collective identity. It provides a lens through which the current refugee crisis might be explored and encourages deep empathy for those living in ‘a perpetual purgatory’ between borders, straddling cultures and constantly consumed by fear.

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Author Alex Wheatle’s ‘Baby’ Brixton Rock Finds An Identity On Its Own Terms.

Author of East of Acre Lane, Brenton Brown, The Dirty South, Island Song and of course, what he calls his ‘baby’, Brixton Rock, it’s evident that Alex Wheatle MBE has evolved into a seasoned writer. Fresh from his Guardian Children’s Fiction Prize (2016) win with novel Crongton Knights, Wheatle is awash with opportunity and a better appreciation of his standing in the literary world.

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