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Category: Literature Interviews

Amanda Wilson Launches, Letters to A Young Generation Featuring Words From Kanya King, Ms Dynamite, Bianca Miller and More

The British Blacklist speaks to Amanda before the launch of her second book, Letters to A Young Generation (2), this time dedicated to young African-Caribbean females in the UK; recognising the importance of having British African-Caribbean personalities as reference points of success for young people in the UK.

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ShakaRa Speaks On TuggSTAR’s Novel, The Secret Relationship Between Africans & Blacks

Most spoken word artists, are multi-faceted creatives; immersed in various disciplines either through desire or necessity, usually resulting in addressing an issue or having some transformative impact of people’s lives. As far as spoken word in the UK is concerned, the name TuggSTAR has earned international recognition.

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Maureen Worrell Talks About Her First Published Novel, The Journey of I & I

The Journey of I & I is primarily the story of Liz, growing up with, and surviving the horrendous circumstances of having been sexually abused as a very young child until the age of 14. It also details the horrific affects and after-effects of enduring and witnessing extensive domestic violence within the family home and takes the readers through her life journey of having to cope with this chaos and all that it entails.

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Catherine Johnson Talks, Bullet Boy, Children’s Novels & BBC Audio Drama

With a string of accolades under her belt – teacher, acclaimed children’s novelist, co-writer of Bullet Boy (2004) starring Ashley Walters, Catherine Johnson has branched out into the world of audio drama with her first radio Play, Fresh Berries which is a challenging, uncompromising, but compassionate play exploring the subject of men who lure young, vulnerable girls into the world of sex for money.

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Cezanne Poetess’s New Book Tells Us How to Get a Ring on Our Fingers

Sat in the Mella Centre, Oxford Street was the perfect setting to have a sit down with Cezanne Poetess and interview about her new book. With her art stationed around the venue, Cezanne and I delved into a chat about her past and upcoming works, inspirations and thoughts on love, life and spirituality within the black community.

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