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95% #OutOf100 Best of the Summer Reads ‘The Hate U Give’ By Angie Thomas

Starr is an ordinary 16 year old, irritated by her overprotective older brother and her cheeky younger brother. She has a boyfriend, Chris, that her dad doesn’t know about, and who like her has a deep and abiding love for the Fresh Prince of Bel Air. She does all she can to fit into the spaces allocated to her, especially at school, where she is one of the few Black kids in attendance. Always presenting a ‘positive’ side of her Blackness at school (never showing anger or any other type of strong emotion), Starr tries hard not to fall...

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75% #OUTOF100 – David Rodigan: My Life In Reggae, An Autobiography

DJ David Rodigan embraced reggae music since the 1970s and his autobiography is a record of a wealth of history about a globally influential genre. Rodigan: My Life In Reggae reads as a potted history of the musical genre, starting with chapters titled Bob Marley and The Birth of Sound System, on to Toasting, Lovers Rock and Dancehall, to finish with Dubstep and his pathway into new endeavours with the chapter New Roots. These chapters trace Rodigan’s life as it becomes entwined – and is good signposting into the evolution of reggae music in the UK. Rodigan’s passionate embrace...

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75% #OutOf100 – Rivers Of London Audiobook, Read By Kobna Holdbrook-Smith!

If you’re partial to urban fantasy, have a weakness for police procedurals and LOVE London, this series is for you! I first discovered that Ben Aaronovitch, the son of a working class East End Jewish immigrant intellectual, had created the Peter Grant series a few years ago and have gleefully kept up with it ever since. It is part of a new wave of London-based detective fantasy, which reflects a city we actually recognise. I got hooked on audio-book performance through the intoxicating combination of Jim Butcher’s Dresden Files and James Marsters’ (Spike, Buffy The Vampire Slayer, 1997-2003). Marsters blew my...

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72% #OutOf100 – Population by Elizabeth Stephens

Population is a post-apocalyptic tale set in an alternative future for Earth and the human race. American author Elizabeth Stephens is an emerging new voice in speculative fiction, re-igniting the wonder of the ‘what if‘ of other life forms long before the excitement of the New Horizons images of Pluto, or the now very real possibility of KOI-314c being Earth’s twin planet a mere 200 light years away. Stephens is obviously a fan of the Sci-Fi and Fantasy/Horror genres and has combined the two in creating the very unique Others from an old, familiar predator. She has resisted the temptation of...

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87% #OutOf100 – Vivian’s Couch by Michael Obiora

I can be bit of a Fan Girl. If I like an actor, I will watch whatever TV, theatre or big screen production they are in. Period. Yes, I liked Hudson Hawk (Bruce Willis, 1991), and I’ve seen it more than once. Yeah, I said it! Dilemma sets in when an actor I like writes. A talent for literary expression does not necessarily translate from a talent for the physical expression of emotional or comedic drama. So when I discovered one of our very own young, talented black British actors, with proven chops in both drama and comedy, tweeting...

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