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Clare Hope Ashitey Seeks to uncover the truth in Netflix Crime Series, Seven Seconds

This new trailer promises an excellent new crime-thriller series from the Netflix machine, and once again British Black talent takes centre stage. British Blacktress Clare Hope Ashitey is assistant prosecutor K.J. Harper tasked with the challenge of resolving the case of a young black boy accidentally knocked down and killed by a white policeman. In the aftermath of the event, it’s revealed that there has been an attempt to cover up the cause of the boy’s death. The result? An explosion of racial tension and unrest. This looks like another strong casting for Ashitey, who successfully pulled off her role as...

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86% Out Of 100 – Black Lightning is great, but misses out on potential Afrofuturistic greatness

Black Lightning is technically the second African American superhero from DC Comics. He first appeared in 1977, 6 years after John Stewart debúted as a Green Lantern in 1971. Marvel had aready unveiled the Black Panther in 1966 and Luke Cage in 1972. It’s probably no coincidence, that the new series premiered on CW Channel (USA) last week and comes to Netflix UK January 23rd in its 40th anniversary year. Husband and wife creators and senior writers, Salim and Mara Brock Akil (Being Mary Jane, Girlfriends) have brought us a tweaked live-action version of the comics and it’s a good-looking package. Black Lightning also has...

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Halfway – Premiered at the 2017 Glasgow Film Festival, is now available on Flix Premiere

Halfway is a 2016 American drama film written and directed by British Ben Caird and starring African American actor Quinton Aaron (The Blindside). The film is Caird’s directorial debut and Aaron served as an executive producer. Among prisoners released in 30 states in 2005 roughly 68% were rearrested within 3 years with over 75% rearrested within 5 years. Halfway wants to bring to light that there is a serious systematic failure within the American prison system, where a lack of opportunity for those who have transgressed in their past seems to guarantee a future behind bars. Halfway tells the...

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78% #OutOf100: “Star Trek: Discovery” Episode 1-9 First Chapter Catch Up Ahead of Jan 8th Return to Netflix.

Whilst Star Trek: Discovery takes its mid-season break, we can take a breath and revel in the announcement that it has been renewed for a second season! The signs have been good since May 2017 when, during the filming of episode 6, we reported that the first Star Trek TV series in over a decade was to be extended from the originally commissioned 13 episodes to 15. Followed by After Trek, a post-broadcast discussion/behind the scenes show. The episode expansion signalled high confidence in this second attempt at a Star Trek prequel set 10 years before the original series (the first attempt was Star...

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