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Category: Screen Interviews

Writer/Director K.D.Pascall Talks About BUFF 2016 Premiere of his Debut Feature, Residential

Residential follows the journey of Bolo, (Aubrey Whyte) a paranoid sociopath with a vision to set up life back home in Jamaica with his family. Wanting to get out of a life of crime Bolo’s future hangs in the balance when he sees his childhood friend gunned down. We quickly caught up with K.D. Pascall to find out more…

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Aysha Scott Tackles Absent Fathers in New Short Film

Today, fatherhood and its definitions are being questioned by many cultures – and this examination brings into question notions of motherhood, gender, feminism, equality and other markers for our prescribed roles in society. Refreshingly from a British perspective, in her directorial debut Aysha Scott interrogates fatherhood via ‘Absent’ in her new feature film.

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Screen’s 2015 Future Leader & Producer of ‘The Call Up’, John Giwa-Amu Talks Exciting Projects, Sci Fi & Cannes

Starting out studying at Newport Film School in Wales, John Giwa-Amu has been a permanent fixture in the awards circuits which really means something to a creative trying to establish a career. Along the way, he has acquired expertise in many fields – directing, editing and visual effects. But, where he has made the longest strides is in film production, mainly as co-creator of Red and Black Films with long-term friend Caradog James.

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