Check out the new Fully Booked: The Art Of Non-Fiction course with author Lloyd Bradley

As one of the most recently established classroom-based non-fiction writing academies Fully Booked covers every aspect of factual book authorship.

From what approach best suits the subject; to tone and prospective readership; to structure, length and pacing; to what your book should look like; to finding an agent or self-publishing.

Fully Booked’s founder, main lecturer and Course Director is Lloyd Bradley, best-selling author across a range of non-fiction types, while other lecturers are all industry professionals, including award-winning designer Joel Chernin, Hannah Knowles (senior editor Canongate), Matthew Hamilton, non-fiction agent Aitken Alexander; and Valerie Brandes (founder and publisher Jacaranda).

The wide range of courses and workshops at Fully Booked offer guidance and insight that, whatever your subject, approach or level.

Why Fully Booked?

During 2016, in the UK, the sales of non-fiction books grew by nine percent and the sales of novels fell by seven, a ten-year trend in terms of income generated and copies sold.

Non-fiction is worth over 50 percent more to the UK book industry than fiction – £884 million to £252 million in 2016 – yet in terms of actual classes or online courses what is the mainstay of the book business is woefully underrepresented.

It seemed a vast cross-section of potential authors, from those with specialist knowledge but no writing experience to veteran magazine journalists overwhelmed at the thought of 90,000 words, were looking for help as regards their books or book ideas, but found nothing on offer.

It was in response to a surprising amount of book-related requests for advice from friends and friends of friends, Lloyd explored the possibility of an academy devoted to non-fiction. But, in a world where self-publishing has never been more viable, one that covered every aspect of writing and book creation from structuring to editing to designing to budgeting to printing to promoting, or presenting to an agent or publishing company if that’s your choice.

Hence Fully Booked: The Art Of Non-Fiction – everything that goes into what goes in between the covers.

Why The Art Of Non-Fiction?

Because, quite simply, it is an art. To make a work of non-fiction understandable, enlightening and entertaining – the book readers recommend – requires a degree of creative thought and writing skill equal to any novel. Even if it’s a book of lists or an encyclopedia.

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Non-Fiction First: The Basics of Writing & Creating A Non-Fiction Book at the CLR James Library, Dalston

  • Six 90-minute classroom sessions covering the essentials of non-fiction writing
  • Main lecturer: Lloyd Bradley. Guest speakers: Joel Chernin; Hannah Knowles
  • Total involvement: four to five hours per week
  • Prerequisites: A good idea for a non-fiction book; an enthusiasm for books in general
  • Class size: 18 students
  • Fee: £120.00*
  • Wednesdays Sept 12 – Oct 17, 18.15 – 19.45

Further details at or book at

Write That Book: The Complete Non-Fiction Author Experience

  • Ten two-hour classroom sessions, covering all aspects of non-fiction writing
  • Main lecturer: Lloyd Bradley
  • Guest speakers: Joel Chernin; Hannah Knowles; Matthew Hamilton; Valerie Brandes
  • Total involvement: five to six hours per week (including class)
  • Prerequisites: Reasonable writing skills; a good knowledge of subject
  • Class size: 15 students
  • Cost: £750.00

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