Chicken Connoisseur Elijah Quashie Signs Book Deal with Blink Publishing

On the back of his viral YouTube success documenting The Pengest Munch the Chicken Connoisseur has signed a book publishing deal.

With over 500,000 subscribers and plus 27 milllion views across his video content, Elijah Quashie, the self-proclaimed Chicken Connoisseur has become an almost ‘overnight’ YouTube sensation. Now, his success will be documented in a book, In Search of the Nation’s 50 Favourite Chicken Establishments.

Taking his ratings of London, and more recently, New York fast food chicken establishments the book will give more in depth reviews of chicken shops which prove popular with his young audience.

In Search of the Nation’s 50 Favourite Chicken Establishments will launch on October 5th, 2017 through Blink Publishing, via Kings Road Publishing who have secured exclusive global publishing rights. The launch is rumoured to be supported by a massive marketing campaign.

In the mean time, before the book’s release Quashie has asked his loyal subscribers to recommend their favourite chicken shops for him to review. The deadline for suggestions ends May 7th.


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