Choreographer Monique Jonas’ Short Film To Be Released by Matthew Bourne’s New Adventures

New Adventures is an award-winning British dance-theatre company founded by Matthew Bourne and Robert Noble in 2002.

New Adventures has recently announced their latest digital endeavour, Adventures in Film. The collaboration between New Adventures and TEA films consists of three films by female choreographers Tasha Chu, Monique Jonas, and Anjali Mehra, and will premiere this Autumn as stand-alone cinematic shorts across the New Adventures channels. The three choreographers have all previously worked with New Adventures, and were selected for their “work ethic, determination and courageous outlook on inclusive female representation in the world of performing arts“. 

Adventures in Film is an evolution of the New Adventures Choreographer Award which aims to bring about career developing opportunities to women from a multitude of backgrounds, experiences, and collective world views; providing them with a platform to exercise and hone their skills as artists, producers, and creative storytellers.

Monique Jonas, who previously performed and was part of the creation of New Adventures’ Romeo and Juliet and recently founded her own dance company, Jona Dance, commented, “Creating dance for screen opens up the possibility to create new realities and dimensions and adds to the lens through which dance can evoke, be conversational, be a form of escapism and so much more. It will be a new means of pushing and extending my creative practices, and hopefully a way of discovering so much more. I am looking forward to the collaborative element of the process and the freedom to explore the countless ways in which stories or narratives can be communicated, and then learning how to integrate movement as a central part within this.”

Find out more about Adventures in Film here.


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