danielle honger launches debut zine, ‘Respect Me’, celebrating young Black women

Young artist and entrepreneur and one of Battersea Arts Centre’s Agents Danielle Honger has released her debut zine.

 Respect Me puts the concerns and experiences of young Black people in Battersea centre-stage, in their own creative voices.

Honger is transforming her own experiences of isolation, anxiety, and losing loved ones to depression and bullying, into a supportive space. In a challenging year for business, she has run pilot projects for her new social enterprise. Unrestricted LDN helps young Black women to look at their communities differently, using them to find courage and power within themselves and to lift each other up.

Through Unrestricted LDN she runs creative activities and interactive workshops for young Black women to experience a non-judgmental, supportive atmosphere, and celebrate how young Black women really look, thinks, feels and live. 

She has curated a zine to amplify the talents of local young artists, who (she knows herself) have far fewer opportunities to display their work or even pursue these avenues professionally. The zine includes photos from the workshop sessions – examples of positive self-expression, community, and self-care. Declaring to young Black readers and the wider world that Black people’s lives matter! 

Respect Me will be available from Friday 19 Marchin print for local readers and online for free via unrestrictedldn.com . 


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