From the 17th to 28th March 2021 BFI Flare is committed to bringing you the best in contemporary queer cinema from across the world.

Feature Films

Boy Meets Boy – directed by Daniel Sánchez López

Two young men fall for each other over the course of a single day in this disarmingly tender debut from director Daniel Sánchez López. Boasting beautifully natural performances from Matthew James Morrison and Alexandros Koutsoulis, Boy Meets Boy is a distinctly modern queer love story, exploring the complexities of attraction and power of connection in ways that are both refreshingly realistic and achingly romantic.
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I Am Samuel – directed by Peter Murimi

Kenyan couple Samuel and Alex remain committed to each other despite the danger and hardship facing them in Peter Murimi’s moving documentary portrait. Filmed over the course of five years, I Am Samuel details how daily life is navigated, with both men negotiating their place in the world as heirs to a traditional way of life. At the same time, we are privileged to witness their commitment, daring, and imagination as figures in the queer Kenyan underground.
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The Obituary of Tunde Johnson – directed by Ali LeRoi

A young African American man is forced to repeatedly endure the fatal day of his shooting in Ali LeRoi’s riveting drama. A fresh take on the time loop narrative, The Obituary of Tunde Johnson examines the overlaps of wealth and race, beauty and sexuality, creating a disturbing universe where even the hereafter is a restless limbo upon which the burden of straddling many worlds at once constantly weighs.
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The Obituary of Tunde Johnson

Well Rounded directed by Shana Myara

Shana Myara’s documentary focuses on fat and fierce babes in Canada who are using their creativity to clap back at a diet culture that seeks to shrink marginalised bodies. Interviewees all tell stories of struggle, self-actualisation and radicalisation, and taking back charge in a fatphobic, racist heteronormative society. Well Rounded takes us through personal stories of terror and triumph – this is the fat queer film we’ve been waiting for!
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Well Rounded

Rebel Dykes – directed by Harri Shanahan, Sîan Williams

A brilliant and refreshing story of UK post-punk dyke culture, told by those who lived it. The film follows a tight-knit group of friends who met at Greenham Common peace camp and went on to become artists, performers, musicians, and activists in London. A heady mash-up of animation, archive footage, and interviews tells the story of a radical scene: squatters, BDSM nightclubs, anti-Thatcher rallies, protests demanding action around AIDS, and the fierce ties of chosen family. This is an extraordinarily privileged glimpse into a bygone world by those who not only lived out their politics with heartfelt conviction but lived to tell the tale.
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Rebel Dykes

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Buck – directed by Elegance Bratton, Jovan James

In an attempt to deal with his depression, Lynn goes out into the night looking for a good time.
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Cosmopolitan – directed by Moran Nakar

Jacob faces racial prejudice when he attempts to enter a gay nightclub.
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Above the Troubled Water – directed by Joe Cohen

Three Nigerian men are scattered across the globe after escaping homophobic violence. Directed by Joe Cohen and Featuring Bisi Alimi, Ade Fabunmi, Damoshe Kard.
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The Cost Of Living – directed by Alice Trueman

Lily is stuck in a state of ennui until Death comes along in the form of a beautiful woman and entices her to live. Featuring Genesis Lynea.
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Love Is A Hand Grenade – directed by Jessica Benhamou

Mixing drink, drugs, and a friendship on eggshells was always going to be an explosive mix in this bittersweet British mini-drama. Featuring Genesis Lynea & Saffron Hocking.
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Acrimonious – directed by Olivia Emden

Hilarious, heartbreaking, and relatable all at once – how to bounce back when a breakup crashes you back down to earth? Written by Joseph Akubeze, Olivia Emden. Featuring Joseph Akubeze and Shaniqua Okwok.
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Pure – directed by Natalie Jasmine Harris

Whoever you are, whatever your desires, you too shall go to the prom!
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