Game of Thrones Returns to Sky Atlantic Monday 17th July 2017 – Plot rumours and reminders

So as not to make us wait and then get bombarded with US spoilers, Game of Thrones Season 7 returns to UK screens 2am, Monday 17th July on Sky Atlantic. This coincides with the HBO 9pm airing July 17th in America.

It’s been confirmed that Game of Thrones is only going to last 8 seasons, making 7 its penultimate. The final seasons will be shorter as well.

Lots of spoilers and theories from the GOT Geeks abound the Internet. But where we’re at so far is we pretty much all understand that Jon Snow is no longer the bastard we thought he was, and in fact is more than likely related to Daenerys Targryen, her nephew actually – her big brother Rhaegar Targaryen kidnapped and did a ting with Ned Stark’s sister Lyanna Stark thus producing baby Jon Snow, whom Ned took under his wing and pretended was his outside son. Jon Snow has now been made King in the North and how the story has been set up, he’s on course to meet up with his aunty otherwise known as Daenerys, Queen of Dragons to talk joining forces against the White Walker threat. GOT loves incestuous relationships so rumour has it him and his aunt, will get it on. She may even marry him, BUT, there are also rumours that Jason Moma will make a return as her currently dead husband Khal Drogo after he posted a picture of him and Kit Harrington (Jon Snow) on set or in the same country at the same time or something.

gotspoilers2Erm, what else?… Speaking of Daenerys, she’s off to Westeros with her crew consisting of her right hand chick Missandei our British Blacklister Nathalie Emmanuel (who recently got quite upset on Twitter with a site that revealed all the more than likely things that will happen in season 7), The Unsullied led by another British Blacklister Jacob Anderson otherwise known as Grey Worm. Tyrion Stark, the bald gossip and mix-up merchant Varys, the women of Dorne and of course her all grown up dragons. Where are they going? I think to have a word with Cersei.

Now, Ms Cersei Lannister, has taken over the Iron Throne, in the unfortunate death of her son Tommen. With nothing to live for but herself (which is kinda how she’s lived anyway) she’s more than likely going to be on superbitch mode warp 1000. She’s also apparently pregnant with her brother Jaimie’s baby. I have nothing to say. But seriously. We expect her to kill a lorra everybody this season. I do wonder how she’ll meet her end though. It will be groundbreaking fan heart attack inducing when it happens. But I predict it will.

More than likely the Stark kids will be reunited. Sansa who’s become a no nonsense woman in contrast to her stuck up mean girl teenagehood, Arya who’s turned into a cold assassin and Bran who’s become the Three Eyed Raven due to his magical powers have long been separated and need to come together to strengthen their family legacy. I assume they’ll fall in line with their brother-cousin Jon Snow as he prepares to defend the North from White Walkers and the Lannisters. There’s a story floating around about Sansa and Littlefinger, but we’ll leave that nugget to those who don’t care about spoilers to hunt and digest for themselves.

Lots of other strands and threads which pull together pieces of the puzzle which once whole will set the stage for the impending war about break out. But to break them all down, will exhaust my brain and I’ll probably get some of it wrong and piss off the GOT jobsworths!

All in all I’m EXCITED!!!

Game of Thrones airs on Sky Atlantic Mondays at 2am and 9pm. Kicking off Monday 17th July 2017


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