Hobbs & Shaw starring Idris Elba 92.5% Out Of 100

Where do I begin? This movie will smack your candy astrophysics book.

Action? Check
Banter? Check
Cars? Duh!
Bikes? Double-check
Nostalgia? Oh, check
Things that make you go ooooh? Check

Directed by David Leitch (Deadpool 2) there are so many things that were done right with this movie that I can’t say much without giving spoilers. I will say this though, Hobbs and Shaw, chalk and cheese but they make a good team. Dwayne Johnson returns as Fast & Furious favourite all American hero ‘Luke Hobbs‘, he is joined by ‘Deckan Shaw‘ (Jason Statham) British gangster turned good guy. The duo is instantly Johnson’s best on-screen partnership in his film career. The constant digs and playground insults not only have you keeping score but also have you laughing out loud.

Idris ‘Big Driis’ Elba plays arguably one of the franchise’s greatest villains “Brixton”. Brixton is the perfect 2019 bad guy using his powers of tech and super swag for evil. Elba does action very well and this is no exception. He also has some of the coolest lines ever dropped in a Fast and Furious movie.

As a spin-off it’s clear to see Hobbs and Shaw had more freedom than the other movies. It is easily the funniest, whilst keeping the Fast and Furious theme of unbelievable stunts and action sequences that you have to suspend your disbelief for but that’s all part of the reason we love the FF films.

I’m really excited to see where they take this especially as they have obviously left it open for sequel and F9 is in production right now. If you haven’t seen the previous 8 then don’t worry Hobbs and Shaw works as a stand-alone. So watch this… then go and watch the previous 8, and then watch this again!

Review by Ace DJ

Hobbs and Shaw is in cinemas now!


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