Honorary British National Treasure Clarke Peters To Co-Star in 2018 Sci Fi Movie “The Mandela Effect”

The Mandela Effect is a 2005 theory put forth by writer and “paranormal consultant” Fiona Broome after a long DragonCon back stage discussion about whether or not Nelson Mandela died in prison, i.e. before February 1990, and not on 5th December, 2013. This led her to further theorise that shared false memories are, in fact, glimpses into parallel worlds with different timelines.

You couldn’t make it up! So, on June 28th, Periscope Entertainment announced that Honorary National Treasure Clarke Peters is to star in writer-producer-director David Guy Levy’s psychological sci-fi thriller “The Mandela Effect,” co-written with Steffen Schlachtenhaufen and produced under the Periscope banner. Charlie Hofheimer, Aleksa Palladino and Robin Lord Taylor co-star.

The Mandela Effect follows a man who becomes obsessed with facts and events that have been collectively mis-remembered by thousands of people. Believing the phenomenon to be the symptom of something much larger, his obsession eventually leads him to question reality itself. Peters plays Dr. Fuchs.

This consummate actor is in constant demand, having just announced the casting for a September 2017 revival of his Olivier award-winning/ Tony-nominated Five Guys Named Moe, whilst principal photography for The Mandela Effect is currently underway in Los Angeles.

New York native Peters is, indeed, an honorary British National Treasure, having worked almost equally on both sides of the Atlantic in a broad range of TV, film and theatre. His 91 film and TV credits include – Chance (2016- ), Underground (2016), Jericho (2016), Jessica Jones (2015), Midsomer Murders (2015), John Wick (2014), Death In Paradise, (2014), Person Of Interest (2012-13), Archer (2011), Doctor Who: Dreamland (2009), Holby City (2009), Nativity! (2009), Waking The Dead (2003), K-Pax (2001) and, of course, The Wire, (2002-08), Notting Hill (1999), French & Saunders (1996), Murder Most Horrid (1994), Mona Lisa (1986).

He will almost certainly subscribe to the timeline in which he actually played the older Nelson Mandela to Nicholas Pinnock’s younger man in TV movie Mandela: The Prison Years (2013), which aired just 10 days after the Statesman, former President and Nobel Peace Prize-winner died!

David Guy Levy said, “I’m grateful to have such a talented group of actors come together to tell this story; Steffen and I could not have asked for a better group to bring these characters to life, and we look forward to sharing this film with audiences everywhere.”

This will be Peters’ first science fiction movie since playing a homeless war vet in Kevin Spacey starrer K-Pax (2001), and the lead in the fictional Helix movie alongside Julia Roberts in Notting Hill (1999). He is represented by Stone Manners Salners Agency.

Watch this 7 minute documentary on The Mandela Effect:


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