Insecure Season 2 UK Premiere – Hella Great

After struggling to avoid all the spoilers from across the pond, Issa Rae’s smash hit show Insecure is finally back for Season 2 in the UK on Sky Atlantic.

Last season ended with main couple Issa and Lawrence at odds after Issa admitted to cheating with an old friend – Daniel (Y’lan Noel). After a, touching phone call Issa comes home expecting to see her man back in their shared home, instead she discovers he has moved out leaving behind his Best Buy shirt, signifying he was leaving her, his job, his entire old life behind. Lawrence didn’t forgive her like we all wished, instead chose to sleep with Bank Teller Tasha (Dominique Perry) who had been pushing up on him all season. That was the best sex scene though!

Season 2, first ep begins with Issa still longing for her lost relationship, during a series of bad dates she fantasies about being with Lawrence and him forgiving her.  But it is all a dream and she is sat opposite a bunch of guys she has no interest in, making boring small talk and being the awkward black girl she was before she became Insecure. Look out for social media celebs Dustin Ross and Philip Hudson among the guys on the other side of Issa’s comedic date conversations.  One of the men asks, “How are you still single?” When men ask that question is it a compliment or shade?  Issa looks directly at the camera and begins rapping about her distressed mental state: “I’m so dead inside, I cry every day.”

Lawrence on the other hand is great-ish. He has a new high paying job and is still making Tasha scream. He’s homeless however and crashing on an air mattress at his homie Chad’s (Neil Brown Jr.) place during the week and bedding down with Tasha on the weekend. He’s gone from living the life of a jobless bum with a girlfriend, to a homeless executive with fuckboy status.

My favourite character from last season Molly (Yvonne Orji) went from one disastrous encounter to another and messed up a potentially great relationship because of her impossible standards. Molly is now in therapy to try to cure her ‘hoe’ but is at odds with the therapist trying to always be in her business.   I don’t see her getting on the right track anytime soon! At her very successful job as an attorney she accidentally opens the paycheck of a white co-worker, Travis, and discovers he somehow makes way more money than her.  Whilst telling the therapist that her personal life was the problem and everything at work was fine she now has another huge problem.

When Issa receives an important letter for Lawrence in the mail, she heeds Molly’s advice (“guys always want you back when they know you’re doing good without them.”). and organises a calm mid-week drink up with a few friends for Lawrence to walk up into so he can see her living her best life… not!  Predictably, Lawrence doesn’t show up, instead he’s busy taking Tasha out on a real date. Issa’s party turns into a hot ass mess when her Blood neighbours show up bringing their deviant behaviour with them.  The music levels raise, clothes come off and a dustbin fire scorches half the walls in the apartment.

The anticipated reunion between Issa and Lawrence, happens the following night. Issa tried on an array of outfits – and personas – the night before to impress Lawrence with, tonight she’s not as put together but still sexy in boy shorts.  Lawrence is conflicted being in his old home picking up the last of his things. Clearly nostalgic and missing creature comforts Lawrence grabs Isa unexpectedly and passionately kisses her. They fumble onto the old couch and have the most uncomfortable, awkward minute man sex. There’s no love, intimacy or passion, it’s almost like a desperate mercy fuck that neither of them wanted.

Is this a new beginning for the couple or a final nail in their coffin?

Watch Insecure Thursdays 10:35pm Sky Atlantic



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