Jesus Hopped The ‘A’ Train – 85% Out Of 100

“Faith is like a little blade a grass, fights its way through the concrete trying to get itself a little drink of water.”

From Pulitzer Prize winner Stephen Adly Guirgis, comes this critically-acclaimed dark comedy about the American justice system and the contradictory nature of faith.

Inside the lockdown wing of Rikers Island prison, a frightened young man accused of murdering a cult leader is confronted with a charismatic born-again serial killer and a sadistic guard. Will one man’s redemption lead to another’s damnation?

This play addresses an important question: Are people able to stand up for what they have done and say, “I’ve done things that are wrong and I will hold myself accountable?” But goes further by asking, what redemption is and whether it is ever possible?

Stephen Adly Guirgis’s writing is vividly authentic and after having seen his previous work (Motherfucker with the Hat), his trend of having his dialogue jump off the page onto the stage with accurate detail and energy continues through Jesus Hopped the A Train. With strong performances from Ukweli Roach, who is charismatic, quick-witted and tenacious as Angel, supported by an unshakable performance by Oberon K. A. Adjepong, this play is a must see.

Review by Kojo Kamara

Jesus Hopped the ‘A’ Train runs at the Young Vic theatre until April 6th. Find out more and book your tickets here.


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