Jocelyn Jee Esien Is Back On The Radio!

“It’s Jocelyn!” is back for series 2 on BBC Radio 4 on Wednesday evenings at 6.30pm! She returns with 30 minutes of sketches featuring brand new characters, including the Overly Dramatic Family, a pair of terrible African Drummers and a bad-tempered couple who run a takeaway business!

She vents her frustrations at the world around her through sketches and stand-up, from pedantic dinner dates to coping with annoying friends, Jocelyn’s life provides a rich hakf hour of humour…

Episode 1: Dumped – Jocelyn talks about a break-up, a flirty dentist crosses the line and a street magician shows off his skills to the public – available on BBC iPlayer

Episode 2: Dates –  Jocelyn talks about dating, we follow a day in the life of Britain’s worst bus driver, and Kingston’s takeaway caters for a vegan customer.- available on BBC iPlayer

Episode 3: Friends – Jocelyn talks about friendship, Princess Pay As You Go gets into podcasting, and the traffic wardens have a meeting about a meeting – airs Wednesday March 8th 2017

Episode 4: Family – Jocelyn talks about family, a spiritual medium goes over to the other side, and the doctor’s receptionist shows her true feelings for ‘big bad Don’ – airs Wednesday March 15th 2017.

Listen to It’s Joycelyn here


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