John Boyega’s Critically Acclaimed, Imperial Dreams Comes to Netflix February 3rd 2017

“The hood is the cruelest of prisons, the most unusual of punishments. But you’re born into,” 

Before Star Wars and not long after Attack the Block notoriety in 2014 John Boyega filmed the quiet yet critically acclaimed indie, Imperial Dreams.

Although its run between film festivals and building up attention, the release future of Imperial Dreams seemed shaky, until now, with Netflix picking it up for global release.

Directed by newcomer Malik Vitthal, Imperial Dreams tells the poignant tale of a young reformed gangster, Bambi (Boyega) struggling to juggle life, aspirations  of being a writer, the responsibility of raising his son and keeping himself out of prison.

Imperial Dreams debuts on Netflix, globally Friday February 3.

Director: Malik Vitthal
Writer(s): Ismet Prcic, Malik Vitthal
Cast: John Bodega, Keke Palmer, De’aundre Bonds


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