Joivan Wade Cast as ‘Cyborg’ in New DC Series ‘Doom Patrol’

Fresh after the success of The First Purge, Joivan Wade has bagged a role in a Superhero series!

London born Joivan Wade will play ‘Cyborg’ in the new DC Universe series ‘Doom Patrol’.  Rumoured to pick up after events in ‘Titans’ (another new DCU series soon to air) occur. Not sure how it’ll all work, however, Doom Patrol follows a bunch of outcast superheroesCrazy Jane, Negative Man, Elasti-Girl, and Robotman, all lead by Dr. Niles Caulder aka The Chief.

The outcasts work together to protect the world from all sorts of strange and alien happenings, even though the world doesn’t give a damn about them. Cyborg changes things up by coming to them with a mission they can’t refuse, though it will be fraught with danger.

Cyborg is half human, half machine who in his former years as a complete human was football star, Vic Stone. Charismatic and sarcastic Cyborg has trouble maintaining his human side, feeling more comfortable connecting with computers and such.

In Cyborg history, he was a Teen Titan, but so far the Titan series storyline doesn’t mention him… but that’s not to say there won’t be some exciting character crossover with both series covering similar territory.

Wade will next be seen in upcoming British indie Vs. – a film about battle rapping in a quiet UK town.

Doom Patrol will be written by Jeremy Carver (Supernatural) and is likely to air in 2019.

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